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If you’re going to have technical interview soon for Java developer position, you might want to brush up some of your knowledge about Java basics, JEE, and other Java related technologies. I found the following free resources can be a good help. 🙂 Continue reading “Java Technical Interview Review Resources”

Create Android Apps Series: Best Cheap Android Phone for Development – Samsung R720 Vitality Phone (CDMA) Review

Samsung R720 Vitality Phone from Cricket

UPDATE: For more resources about how to develop Android apps, check my “Learning How to Create Android Apps Series“.

As I’m starting to get serious with Android app development, I realized that using the Android Virtual Device (AVD) is really not the way to go. Until now, it’s very slow to start (snapshot helped a bit), and it’s prone to problems.

I told myself that this can’t go on like this, and I should get myself an Android phone.

Why not use the Asus Transformer tablet I have? Because I’m still learning how to develop apps for phone screen size, not tablet. Besides, I need to test the apps I made in the Android Gingerbread, which is the most common Android version out there (58.6% distribution), while my Asus Transformer is installed with Ice Cream Sandwich already (1.0% distribution).

So the search for Android phone was on since last week. The problem is I already have a phone, and I don’t plan to shell out too much money for a new one, so I was looking for a non-contract Android phone.

Quick search on Amazon resulted some options, but in the end I bought this Samsung R720 Vitality CDMA Phone yesterday from BestBuy for $50, and it’s really a steal.

Check out my review below.

*Since this post is more about how the phone perform for developing apps, I will not review much about it’s other specifications. Continue reading “Create Android Apps Series: Best Cheap Android Phone for Development – Samsung R720 Vitality Phone (CDMA) Review”