Three Years After BS Medical Technology Graduation: Lessons, Wisdoms, and Thoughts

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Warning: This article contains strong and provoking words that may discourage some of the readers who are currently taking bachelor of science in medical technology and/or bachelor of science in laboratory science as it is called now.

UPDATE (3/12/2012): The comment section for this article is closed because it has gotten too long. You can find other articles related to medtech here.

BS Medical Technology (BSMT) or also known as medtech was one of the best science course one can take in Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) during my study there. The sight of medtech clinical students (CD) wearing white uniform and black pants for the guys with a silver name tag shining sent an exclusive image for those who wear it.

The course was designed to only allows the smartest and the brightest to survive. It was famous for its hectic schedule, long laboratory hours, and difficult curriculum. All of these create a mysterious impression of the course itself and its students altogether.

Having all of these characteristics plus the banner that constantly announced the course’s top notchers in the Philippines medical technology board exam, the course receives high respect from the campus community. Thus the future seems bright for the medtech graduates.

However, the question is, is it true? Is the future really going to be dazzling for the medtech graduates, who are mostly the brightest students of the campus? This is the question that I’m trying to answer through this article.

Medical Technology Graduates Different Professions

Three years after I graduate from medical technology and I realize it is still a short period for concluding about the course’s graduate performance. However, from my observation there is no much difference though the period is lengthened. Most of the medical technologist are working in hospital and clinic laboratories, which does not provide much room for career advancement besides to become the laboratory department head.

Then there are medical technologist who work in hospitals but not necessarily in laboratories, they might work in other hospital departments.

The remaining of the medical technology graduate does not work in hospital nor clinic at all.

Different Motivations

Every individual has different motivations, something that drives the individual to choose what he/she choose. There are certainly many different reasons why someone chose medical technology as bachelor’s degree course.

I personally chose BSMT because I was going to take medical school (which deferred permanently) and also because for the course pride. I thought I deserve to be in one of the most respected course in AUP. I wanted to be one of the elite.

I know some of my batchmates who have motivation that is not so difference with mine.

Other medical technologists I know have different stories about how they took the course. One that I personally know said that she took medical technology because it was the course that has the shortest ‘pila’ (queue) during registration day.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to motivations why someone take BSMT. However, if money was one single motivation then I suggest the person to take a course shift form immediately and that person will thank me later on.

Why? Not because BSMT cannot bring money, but because it is too much hassle if making money is the only motivation. There are certainly other course that consumes less time and resource, and allow the graduates to work in a profession that can bring a lot more money than BSMT.

When The Brightest Is Not The Richest

This is the part that may disappoint most of the BSMT students.

I think I’m going to tell you upfront that some BSMT graduates I know make less money than other course graduates. Not only that, the BSMT graduates also have lower work opportunities than other course graduates.


It’s just the way it is. That’s how the real world value the medical technologist profession. In investing terms, the BSMT sadly gives lower Return On Investment (ROI) compared to other course degree.

But how could this possible?

I’m not really sure about the exact answer. But partly, it could be because of the market law of demand and supply. Somehow the demand for medical technologist is not that much compared to other profession, and thus the medical technologist’s salary may not be as good as the other profession.

But how about in US? I heard the salary there is good..

Yes. Fortunately the medical technologist salary in US is good enough compared to other coutries such as Philippines and Indonesia. But are all medical technologist will be able to go to US? I’m not sure about that. Plus, if you notice, other profession in US can give the same salary with medical technology, if not better.

The Lessons, Wisdoms, and Thoughts

Keep in mind that the reason why I write this post is not to discourage the BSMT students nor to disrespect any BSMT graduates. Medical Technology, in my opinion, is still one of the best course one can take in AUP.

If you have passion to be a Medical Doctor, then by all means try to take medtech as your undergraduate course. It is so far the best course you can take to prepare for medical school because you will find most of the medtech subjects repeated in the medical school. Most of the brightest medical school students I know are medtech graduates.

Or if you have passion to be a Medical Technologist, I also strongly recommend you to listen to your heart and take BSMT. There is no one more successful than someone who be the person who that someone wants to be. The field of medical technologist is indeed an interesting and challenging one.

But if you are not sure and you neither wants to be a medical technologist nor medical doctor, I suggest you to take other course that suits you better. Because the pain that needs to be undergone in medtech clinical division and internship is really not for everyone.

I personally believe that money is not everything and is not a measurement of success. Although I brought the issue of salary, it is not my intention to measure medical technology course using salary. I only wanted to present the fact that the medtech students should know.

Lastly, this post is not about discrediting BS Medical Technology course. But it is rather about asking one’s motivation taking BSMT, the course that I’m really proud to have as my bachelor’s degree.

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#1 Jenny Mendoza on 08.17.08 at 5:20 pm

hi, i just read ur article about medtech. i am a 1st year student of medtech and i really dont know if i can survive the pressure. i choose medtech as my course instead of ece because my grade and the result of my ncae is about science because im not pretty good in math.

#2 djitz on 08.18.08 at 9:27 am

hi jen, thanks for the comment!
regarding ur situation, unfortunately the pressure of medtech can only be felt in the clinical division year. Before clinical, the pressure can hardly called as medtech pressure…
are u studying in AUP?

#3 nevins on 09.10.08 at 1:01 am

go take computer science for your own sake!!!

#4 anne on 09.13.08 at 10:05 pm

HeLo..I’ve just read ur post..I’m currentLy a medical technology intern and I strongly agree when u defined medtech as “nightmare”..I took up medtech coz I planned to take medicine after graduation..but ryt now,I’m currently having a refreshment of plans coz I just realized a few weeks ago that I wanted to work my profession first as medtech (in the future) before I take medicine so that I can earn money to help my parents in the finances of my future medicine course..what do u think?y’s ur med study deferred temporarily anyway?if u don’t mind..=)

#5 djitz on 09.14.08 at 7:32 am

hi anne!
i really admire your decision in helping your parents and in taking med school.
you might want to check what brother Ivan wrote in the comment section of “5th Tips for Medtech Intern” post, where he mentioned about alternatives position for medical technologist in hospitals.

I think I wrote ‘deferred permanently’ instead. :p
Well, I felt that med school was not my calling back then, and I might perform better where my heart is at. If you really believe that med school is your calling, then I fully support you anne! :D

#6 MT grad 1972 on 03.21.09 at 7:42 am

Bottom line, at this time of global crisis, it’s all about $$$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$$$. Here in the US, MT ASCP do NOT earn as much as a Registered Nurse (new grad).
Problem is, there’s a freeze of visas for Nursing grads coming from that country. Have seen Med Techs switching to Nursing (here in the US) and never looked back.
Once you’re here in the USA, there’s plenty of opportunities for Registered Nurses. CA and NY states pays higher than the national average but in CA, the cost of living is HIGH- i. e. (studio apartment will cost you $800. That was years back). In NY, the state tax will wipe out your salary. Same with the cost of living.
Enough said.
Bottom line, it’s your choice.

#7 MT grad 1972 on 03.21.09 at 7:43 am

Good luck folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#8 djitz on 03.21.09 at 8:10 am

@MT grad 1972,

thank you for your comment and advice.. :D

it’s indeed the choice of the students themselves, this article just tells the lessons, wisdom, and thoughts of medtech grads so they are better informed of what is ahead. :D

#9 Kevin Dato on 06.21.09 at 5:30 am

Hi to whoever owns this website, i just want to know if i can survive Med tech as a degree? i just entered as a 1st year student of Medical Technology It’s because My Parents want me to Finish A degree in Any field of medicine so i took up med tech instead of Nursing because in my own opinion there’s too many Nursing Graduates nowadays and the Competition in stiff, from the start i really wanted to finish a course that deals with the English Language but i know that my Future is better if i’m going to finish a degree in medicine.. what should i do? should i shift to another course? or continue my Studies as a Med Tech Student? Please Help me i’m really Confuse. Thanks in advance :)

#10 djitz on 06.29.09 at 8:16 pm


Are you from Philippines?
I think medtechs in different country have different opportunities, so if possible, ask the medtechs you know in your country about the opportunities. :D

Career as Medical Doctor really pays off in the long run because generally the profession is storm proof in economical crisis, unlike most other professions.

In relation with your interest, I believe you can still fully pursue it after you completed your studies. However, you might feel a bit frustated during your studies if you cannot enjoy the medicine courses, because they will really take most of your time.

#11 devhaugne... on 07.26.09 at 11:43 pm

u know what?,,,After reading ur post i was somewhat like discouraged with the course i am in…
i shifted BSMT from nursing and i am now a 2nd yr stude…
it wasnt really my decision to take this course in the first place, i was just forced by my significant others…in fact, when i was still in high school, i didnt know this kind of course existed…
now im in a course that i just started to like but i really hate the preparatory majors(chem)…and maybe i cant survive the n”nightmares” u are saying in the near future…
i cant shift to other course co’z this is my last chance to study… what should i do?

#12 devhaugne... on 07.26.09 at 11:44 pm

good luck to me and my new journey…lolz

#13 Che :) on 08.30.09 at 2:40 am

Devhaugne,, i think you’re familiar to me.. are you from SLU – Baguio City anyway,, from block 1 of SLU-CON?

#14 desiry^_^ on 10.16.09 at 11:02 pm

ahm im sAi,.i flt sad when i read ur thought bout “MEDTECH”my mom want me to take a med tech course,.,but im not too good in sciences & i havnt any fashion of thatT_T,.,but i think to pursue that course is great as my mom says,. i don’t know what to do!!im still confusing now what course im going to takeT_T!!! im a 4th yr student,.,.,elp MEh^_^

#15 djitz on 10.18.09 at 12:46 am

hi sAi! :D
wow, don’t get sad.. it’s okay to be confused now rather then later, and that was the reason I write the post.
At least it was from my point of view that becoming a med tech requires determination and self motivation, without this I’m afraid you will easily discouraged along the way.

Like one of my medtech batchmate says, “u cant be gud at something…u dont really like.”

If you are not sure yet, I suggest you take several general subjects in your first year, so that if you are thinking to shift from science you won’t lose too much credits.

#16 desiry de guzman on 10.18.09 at 11:02 pm

,.,halu,.,ahm thanx for the advise.,.,hmmmp^_^now i know u elp a lot!!i love ur site!!keep it up^_^GOD bless,.,

#17 lynm on 01.07.10 at 7:54 pm

I will be attending a bs-medtech this fall of 2010. I agree with you about “money is not the answer to everything” when trying to choose a path in one’s career. This was a lesson learned from me!! I was a nursing student prior to changing my major in medtech. At first, I knew that there were more opportunities being a nurse in terms of job and financial security(here in the US). I quickly learned that nursing school was not for me after I started doing my clinical rotation. One should work at job that they find comfort and happiness as well as take pride in , not simply because of money and making your parents proud of you. In the end, it’s all about “you.” It will be “you” who will be getting up to get ready for work not your “parents” and if don’t like your job, “it’s going to be drive you nuts”!!

#18 lynm on 01.07.10 at 8:04 pm

^ typo hehe
It will be “you” who will be getting up for work not your “parents” and if you don’t like your job, “it’s going to drive you nuts”!!
I guess I wasn’t meant to be a nurse…. God has better things stored for me =)
Correct me if I’m wrong… but I think nurses are paid more than medtech in the US?!?

#19 djitz on 01.14.10 at 5:35 am

Hi Lyn, thank you for your comment! :D
I pray for your success on your new major as a medtech student. If you really have that passion to study medtech, I believe you will be a lot happier everytime you wake up in the morning. :)

As far as I know, nurse get higher salary than medtech in US.

#20 andiwaslike on 03.13.10 at 7:16 am

I’m currently an incoming Sophomore Medical Technology student. A year after what seemed like hell, here I am alive and finally going to the next level. The real difficulties of MT student’s life is 2 years ahead of me so I can’t say much about the difficulties.. I hope I’ll reach there and graduate!

#21 djitz on 03.16.10 at 2:19 am

Hi Andi, I pray you will not only pass, but also excel in your study! :D
If possible, find friends who you can study with so that you can encourage and help each other when facing some difficulties. GBU!

#22 tomas on 04.10.10 at 10:37 am

hi there med tech is one of the best course

#23 djitz on 05.01.10 at 7:34 pm

Hi Tomas,

You got it right! :D

#24 Ivonne on 05.20.10 at 5:22 pm

I will be attending BSMT this sy2010.. and after reading your post I felt somewhat like discourage me.. and ask many question to my self.. I choose to take up this course because i’m going to take a medical school after I finish this one like what my father’s plan for me…
but my interest is about computer.. and when I’m in highschool I really plan to take up any course that is related to computer… but I really like to be a doctor someday, so if I failed to this course (BSMT). i know that my father will be very dissappointed to me..
But I’m slightly good in genetics and chemistry when i’m in higschool..but i’m really good in our computer subject.

and now after reading your post and all the comments here.. I just think that maybe I’m just lack of trsut to myself because when my friends told me that in 1styear there are 200+ students of BSMT and 20+ only are going to graduate…so now i feel that I can do this,, I can survive… but tomorrow I can’t…

Can you help me, give me some advise to think positively
or anything that you think its good for me, to decide before the class will start??

I’m from Philippines…

#25 HIRING MED TECHS! on 05.21.10 at 6:02 am

Don’t loose heart! You are in demand in the Philippines…Send your resumes at…we are HIRING NOW!

#26 djitz on 05.22.10 at 3:36 am

To every MT who are looking for job, I don’t know about the Gen 1 HR reputation, but probably it worth to try.. :D

#27 djitz on 05.22.10 at 4:01 am

Hi Ivonne, kumusta? :D

Thank you for reading my post, but I’m sorry if I disappoint you. :(

First, for a positive encouragement I want to share a quote from Henry Ford.

“Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right”.

What I want to say is, you haven’t even enter any class for BSMT so you shouldn’t think that you cannot pass it.

Regarding the statistic, I agree that it’s true. But not merely because the other 90% didn’t pass the subjects. Some shifted because of other reasons, such as family request, change of interest, etc.

Second, to think what is good for you is the harder answer. Because I don’t know you.. But I believe your parents do.

However, these are my advice.

You said that you like to be a doctor someday. It means that you are in the right track, because BSMT is the best pre-med course.

Regarding your interest in computer subject, do you mean you have interest in programming or in using computer itself?

Career in computer requires one to be techie somehow, that means to solve computer problems, both software and hardware. This area requires analytical thinking and logic.

My point is, don’t confuse the interest in using computer and having interest in computer field, because they can be so different.

So, my ultimate advice is, just continue your plan to attend BSMT this year. And similar to my suggestion to @Sai (see one of the comments), I suggest you to take more general subjects in the first year so you won’t lose many units should you shifted someday.

Give BSMT a try, and you will have better knowledge whether it will suit you or not.

God Bless You! :D

#28 Ivonne on 05.25.10 at 2:57 am

..thank you for the advice…

i’ll try my best…

#29 Young Scientist on 06.25.10 at 9:21 pm

Hello…. Med tech is Not only the Best Pre Medicine course but it is really the Best Pre Medical Research Scientist Course!!!!! if you find hard try to find Career as Clinical laboratory scentist then why not enter the Research Field. theres a lot of Opportunities and in terms of salary so good!!!!! or enter forensics. becoime forensic chemical officer/ Toxicologist/ DNA analyst. or Industrial Lab like be a corporate Microbiologist or if you want Biotechnology. hellow…. this could be the best answer why Medical technology is the Best course ever!!!!!!! and most of the Genius area take this.

By the way im a registered medical technologist by profession and now im currently working as Lead Clinical research associate/ Clinical trial manager. pharmacology. i am the team leader in our division. im working with pharmacist one as Quality assurance associate, one regulatory affairs associate then one as my (back up) also a pharmacist CRA and Local trial manager but me as the lead trial manager and Officer inchrage as Medical affairs manager

#30 student on 06.26.10 at 4:11 pm

How hard is the clinical rotations?Do you take classes during the rotation?

#31 iahn on 06.27.10 at 2:22 am

i really appreciate this thing you have written…im not a bsmt student but my brother is…
well,,i guess you are right by this article but its just a matter of choice..thank you for the information…

by the way im a bsece…:))

#32 djitz on 06.27.10 at 7:01 am

Hi Young Scientist! :D
It’s great you given another career option for our fellow medtech graduates to choose.
You didn’t mention on what country you are currently working. Are you in the Philippines or any other country?

#33 djitz on 06.27.10 at 7:04 am


During my time, in Medtech clinical division we were having classes full time, and no work duty yet in the hospital. We started our work in the hospital in the last year, the internship year.
Before I graduated, there was a bit change in that the clinical students already start working in the hospital, but only once a week, that is on Sunday.
Different school probably have different policy. :)

#34 djitz on 06.27.10 at 7:06 am

Dear Iahn,

Thank you! I’m glad you like my post, hope it can give something to thought for. God bless for you and your brother in both of your studies! :D

#35 Young Scientist on 07.10.10 at 5:12 am

Im currently here in the Philippines but after i finnished all of my trainings abroad like in denmark,Malaysia, japan and China… wow i can say im a big time na here and abroad!!!! Clinical Research Associate is now a growing field. anywhere in the world Theres a place for Clinical Research Associate. Med tech what are you waiting for???? or if you want pursue to a laboratory Research

#36 nins on 08.16.10 at 5:10 pm

hi! thanks for the one who owns this page. actually, I was just trying to search for some assignments on our MT subject then I got the chance to pass through this article..ow btw, I’m a freshman student of MedTech at UST.. and for the first months of my study, i can already feel the pressure.. I’m always left behind my classmates. I do admit that science courses are really my waterloo but still I have in me this dream of pursuing medicine someday.. It’s just that, I don’t know if I can still manage to go.. I have already disappointed many people.. and I don’t know if I can go further though this is really my dream! any piece of advice? :(

#37 djitz on 08.16.10 at 7:38 pm

hi nins!
You’re welcome, I’m very happy whenever someone is benefited from my blog post.

Wow! UST student ha, cool!

About your case, honestly I advise you to keep going if being a doctor is your dream. I know it’s not easy, but you’re probably just need to find ‘how’ to ace your study. From my experiences, getting good grades is not always because we have the brain, it can also be achieved because we have the ‘how’.

Try to discuss and befriend with the smart students in your school and you will learn from them. In this information age, what you need is really the right information.

So just persists for a while, give yourself a year or even two years to see how you perform. I believe if you have the strong will, you’ll make it!

#38 Jessica on 09.18.10 at 5:41 am

Ka djito…blog mu keren banget…i’m so glad after reading your blogs, which reminds me a lot of my CD and Intern days..u must be proud of ur alma mater and the course that u took…AUP bagged 2nd place last sept 16, 2010 in PAMET quiz bee for 3 consecutive years which put AUP 9th time as one of the TOP3 performing school in every PAMET-PASMETH QUIZ SHOW….all d best for u k’djito, actually Ma’am MC introduced your blog when I was still in CD…

#39 djitz on 09.19.10 at 3:51 pm

Makasih Jess! :D
Yeah, I’ve seen it on Facebook. Certainly, the AUP Medtech keeps on doing great, I also heard from Marc about the change in curriculum to make it even better. God bless you Jess!

#40 ibrahem salman on 11.26.10 at 8:42 am

i want more deatils about medicine school..i’m now studying on nurse school and i wanna go to medicine school so i want to know what the steps that i could do it before i join to medicine shcool..
with all my wishes/ibrahem

#41 djitz on 11.27.10 at 8:29 pm

Hi Ibrahem, where are you planning to go for medical school?
As for medical school in the Philippines, the first step is to take NMAT exam that is usually given in December. Then depending on the school, you will need to apply to the school at least few months before they start. :)

#42 Angela on 12.01.10 at 6:27 pm

To lynm,

Hello, ex nursing student, I’m currently in my second semester of nursing school in the U.S and I’m really struggling and not sure this is the path for me…in our clinicals I find myself more drawn to the labs, and what is causing the patient to have a certain disease, and wondering about their abnormal values, and I’m not really liking the nitty gritty of nursing..I happened to stumble upon the Clinical Lab Scientist major and the more I find out about this profession, the more I feel like it is more my cup of tea so to speak, to the others on the site, I have about a month and a half break before the semester starts any tips on studying for Chem and Biology, and to the post about RN’s making more money than a Clinical Lab Scientist..I don’t think that is the case for new graduates, I think they both get paid about the same in the U.S, I think they both start out between $40,000-$55,000 depending on what part of the country you live in..also on some of the research I was doing new BSN grads are running into the problem that they aren’t getting hired because they don’t have any experience, but then they can’t get experience because no one will hire them, thus far I haven’t read the same for new grads for Clinical Lab Scientist, for CLS who are already in the profession, what are some of the positives of the job?

#43 djitz on 12.04.10 at 5:09 pm

hi Angela,

I mentioned that RNs are making more money than medical technologist because I heard one of our school alumni who works in the US said that the nurses get paid few more bucks higher than medtechs per hour. But again, this might not be always true in all situation.

However, in regards to the job opportunity, I can say that there is still far more demand for nurses than medtech. Simply because for every clinic or hospital, there are more numbers of nurses than medtech. I’ve been to a medium size hospital where the lab is rather small and there is only a medtech working on that shift.

I’m not really sure what causes the demand for medtech is low, but one of it can be attributed to the advancement in lab technology itself. Whereas before everything must be done by a human, now machines can do all of them a lot faster.

I don’t think you can compare the job as nurses and medtechs because it will be a bit comparing apples and oranges. Nurses mostly deal with real people, while medtechs mostly deal with specimens.

#44 Jake on 02.04.11 at 11:39 pm

im jake a registered medtech from ust. I’ve also passed the ascpi exam last dec. And also i had 1 yr hospital experience as of now. I’ve been to ust med school but only for 3 months because my grandma who supports my studies died of cancer so i decided to focus myself in this field and to start working so i can earn money. My question is, is it possible to work in US eventhough you have no relatives there? Where can i find such employers or sponsors ? And what is this clinical research assoc all about? How does this work? Job description?

#45 Young Scientist on 02.07.11 at 2:40 am

Yes it is possible to study and work in U.S even though you dont have relatives there.= ) Clinical Research Associate opportunities??? apply to Pharmaceutical Industry or Contract Research Organization like Quintiles and etc. CRA job is more in Clinical Research or Clinical Trial. example a Med tech practicing in Research Lab lets say in a Drug Discoveries or Diagnostic kit development. Research lab Scientist develop and discover it and test it to animals…while CRA working closely with doctors because the doctors initiate the therapeutic drugs to human and both CRA and Doctors Observe the “Efficacy and safety” of the Trial drugs! so CRA or in some Clinical Research Coordinator CRC document it or Record it in Case Report Forms or CRF! especially the Adverse Reaction causes by the trial drugs!!!! and make a Report for Drugs product development!!!! but the CRA role is not end up there!!!! CRA also act as Trial Manager!!! means to say trial management or project management!! you are the one who facilitates the submission of final protocol and other documents to Institutional Review board or ethics committee and other local agencies that involve in Trial Approval! there are times you are also involve in Protocol writing (wow) and feasibilities study of drugs(wow) and budget handling or management!!!! in CRA job skills needed are highly organized.Documentations,Management,presentation skills,Knowledge in Therapeutics drug you handle,knowledge in Local Food and Drugs agency regulations,and ICH-GCP. AND ETC. anyway trainings will be provided to you while you are working. but anyway before you proceed to Clinical Research Associate some Pharma and CRO industry especially for those dont have yet experience usually they give you Clinical Research Assistant or Research Assistant then after trainings and months of experience will promote you to Associate Role then to more senior role! those are some important roles of CRA but there still more.because it varies to the company you applying for! but somehow that is the basics Roles and skills that CRA posses = )


#46 Young Scientist on 02.07.11 at 3:50 am

Dear All,
Listen….. Medical Technology is One of The Best Course,Profession,Career,Job,stepping stone and etc.
A typical Medtech works at Clinical Lab whether it is Hospital or doctors Clinics and etc. we all know that the practice of Modern Medicine would be impossible without the Tests performed by Highlly skills Medical Technologist/ Clinical Lab Scientists/ Biomedical Scientist.
this is important in Doctors diagnosis,Treatment,monitoring,Prognosis and management other than therapeutic Drugs. = )

let me tell this first to everyone…today Medtechs are greatly indemand in the Philippines and Abroad!!! this job is so indemand and fullfilling! has a great reward and challenge. no one can replace Medtechs!!! in terms of salary… actually there are places that Medtechs are pay lower than other allied health profession. but it is also true that in some places Med techs are also get much high pay than other. and some places also medtechs got pay equal to others. tips…the more you are skilled med techs with years of experience and specialization the more you will have a very much high pay! then if you want more then do sideline in U.S or canada and other places Phlebotomist is different from Medtechs in the lab. or take Masters degree then be a Professor.

If you hold a Medical technology Degree there is a lot of opportunitites waiting for you…. not just only in the Clinical Lab settings! if you feel you are interested in Patient Management then pursue to Med school. Med tech is the best Pre Med! but if you wish to makes and brings difference in patience health then be a med tech… Medical Doctor is a Clinician while a Med techs is a Diagnostician. The Patients need A Doctor while Doctors Need Med techs!!!! =)

it is not true that because we are in the world of Modern science or automation the demands for med techs are going to decrease!!!! its a Big no!!!! because the machine cannot validate itself neither to check itself its accuracy and Precision. hence the needs of Med tech! next is…who will run the control? and calibrate the machine?! and we all know that automation is still not perfect. some medtechs still do manual counting ensure correctness of the result! and it is true that there are still many lab tests that still perform manually. and we all know that before you feed the sample in the machine the med techs still need perform some manual procedure liky mixing substrate in immuno assay and etc. automation? what does it really means?! this means! Med techs now really practicing what the profession is…. Technology…Performing test using sophisticated and automated analyzer. and Medical (Theoretical application and Correlation) this means med techs are now also upgrade to analytical= ) have you ever heard the thougts “Medtechs Think like a doctors (Analytical/Analysis/Correlation) and acts a Scientists(performing test using both Manual,semi automated and automated machine) = ) and we all know that the field of Medical technology is increasing like in Nuclear Medicine/Cardiovascular technology/Respiratory therapy/Pulmonology lab/sleep and neurology lab/Molecular biology Diagnostics lab and Biotech/ and Biomedical Engineering/

If you are a Med tech you can also land a job in Clinical Research or Clinical Trial/Industrial Laboratory like water testing and Food Microbiological Lab/ Product Development/Public Health Policy making/ if you want to land a job like CSI then go forensics/

Take M.B.A or Marketing course and put a Biomedical Equipment business.

Laboratory Research can provide very lots opportunitites for Med techs!!! be an Innovation Scientists. also Biomedical Engineering is promising also to Med techs be an Biomedical Engineer be an Inventor of Medical Device or Equipment. you know i have few known med techs that landed a job as Biomedical Technician or Biuomedical Representative / Clinical Application specialist/ Product Specialist then later on promoted as Managers….. others as Sales Directors/ others are Marketing Directors/ or Product Managers/ some become Biomedical Engineer wow…. and become Regional Head Director for Biomedical Engineering!!!! see…. and many more!!!!!!!! you know…why not aiming to become a First Med techs taht will received a Nobel PRIZE????!!!! think of that!!!!!

#47 djitz on 02.08.11 at 6:00 pm

@Young Scientist,
Awesome! Thanks for giving the motivations for Jake and all medtech in general.. :D

#48 Young Scientist on 02.09.11 at 2:22 am

= )

#49 jenna on 02.10.11 at 7:36 am

mkkhabol pb ako kng magshift ako s medtech 2nd yr nursing..? auko kse ung duty sa nursing na mayinteraction with patient

#50 djitz on 02.10.11 at 8:36 am

hi jenna,

I believe I cannot give you definite answer for your question cause it depends on your situation and personal decision.
If you can transfer all your credits taken to medtech that will be great! :)

Be reminded, at certain point as a medtech you will also have interaction with the patients.

#51 david on 02.23.11 at 8:03 am

a piece of advice to those who want to take up BSMT.

study everyday. manage your time well. and of course always look to God.

here are the subjects that I find difficult in 3rd yr:
Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Microscopy(specially the classical tests)

in Lab classes.. be sure o practice and do not hesitate whenever the teacher is there.. remember, you are there to learn.. its ok if you mess up..just dont mess up the practical exams..

stop worrying. it will only paralyze you and leave you unproductive.. most of your worries will not come true.

#52 djitz on 02.23.11 at 9:04 am


thanks for sharing your advice! I’m fully agree with all you mentioned. :D

#53 cole060610 on 03.04.11 at 9:10 pm

your post is right..but as you have stressed out…low salary might not matter that much if the passion to serve you countrymen is what makes you hold and cling to the profession…

#54 cole060610 on 03.04.11 at 9:12 pm

for david, well said…

#55 jake on 04.01.11 at 5:38 am

I need an advise. I am currently 3rd year taking up MT. However, I failed on one subject and it prevents me to take up internship this May. I will be idle for 6 months since I can only start my internship in October.
Please help. What are my choices?

#56 djitz on 04.04.11 at 5:51 am

Hi Jake,

From what you said, I’m guessing you are in Clinical Division now. I probably suggest you to talk to your Medtech Department chair and ask his/her advice.

Depending on what is your plan after MT, you might want to do or learn something else by taking other courses prior to your internship.

#57 MRJ on 04.14.11 at 8:07 pm

h!..i need an advice from you,now im taking a BSMT a first year student this opening class i worry about it if i can survive this course because im not good in taking it because its better than nurse course. but im willing to take this course BSMT and to do my best to study to have a good grades even though im not good in science.i know this course is pressure..please advice me i confusing if i can survive this course or i shift another course?

#58 djitz on 04.15.11 at 12:08 pm


If you really want to take BSMT, then I encourage you to go for it! Because you never know what you can achieve until you try it.

I should admit that the course BSMT is not an easy one, but so does actually with some other courses. The difference is you will try harder if it is the course you chose because you like it.

There will always way out to solve your diffiiculties. Check david’s comment above. You can also find friends who will support one another. :D

#59 Dav on 04.28.11 at 2:18 pm

Hie djitz!
I must say I’m quite overwhelmed to read this article you’ve penned down. I was keen on going for BMT, but couldn’t find such a fine example by someone who has experienced it like you! Thanks for this :)
I’ve plans to go for MD later after BMT. I hope taking up BMT would be rewarding. But, I just hate Chemistry like hell! Dont know how I’ll be able to deal with it :( Are other subjects okay? Laboratory things really screw me up! So, should I ultimately take the plunge for BMT? Please list a few good universities for me, as I’m clueless about the better ones, if you don’t mind. :)
I’m not residing in Phillipines, but would like to take up BMT in it. Do you have any idea about foreigners opting for it in this country? I need a bit of help as to who and how can help me to get an admission into one of the universities here. A little help from you would be appreciated! :)
Thanks a lot again for this post. :)

#60 winter on 04.28.11 at 11:38 pm

hello =)

im blessed because i was able to browsed this website =)

the comments,questions and especially the advices given in this website gave me the extra motivation to continue my dream to become a medical technologist.. Im not that good in science. This is one of the subjects that i really got low aside from math.. But still, i want to pursue my dream, to become a medical technologist. i want to prove in myself that though science is one of my weaknesses, i can face it with a sweet smile on my face,determination and whole heart to achieve it =)..

Go for BSMT =))

#61 winter on 04.28.11 at 11:41 pm

i really salute everyone who survived in the field of BSMT as well as those students who keeps on striving to be one =))..

Go BSMT..=)

#62 djitz on 04.29.11 at 10:42 am


Hi Dav, thanks for reading my blog post and I’m glad you like it. :D
If your ultimate plan is to be a MD, you have some options of premed courses other than BSMT. If you hate chemistry, then I don’t advise you to take medtech, because the course requires several more chemistry subjects compared to Biology or Nursing (5 chemistry subjects for medtech and 2 for Biology and Nursing).

For the good BSMT universities in the Philippines, I don’t have the exact ranking, but definitely my school is one of top in the list (Adventist University of the Philippines), it has almost consistent 100% board exam passing rate every year. Some other good school with more popular name include University of Santo Tomas (UST) and Far Eastern University (FEU). You can see the school passing rate here.

From what country are you from by the way? I myself was a foreigner when I studied in Philippines, and as always be the case to study in other country, you will need a student visa. You can contact the school through email or phone and ask what are the requirements they need to admit you. :D

#63 djitz on 04.29.11 at 10:47 am

@winter, thanks for the comment! :D
If you think you can, then you will be able to do it! If you can, create a study group where you can have a good discussion with your classmates. God bless you in your study.. :D

#64 Dav on 04.29.11 at 12:52 pm

Djitz again hey! :)
I actually thought you’re a Filipino, my bad! You’re from which country? Well, I’m from India. Not so famous with Filipino people is what I heard. Being a minority population there, Filipinos disregard us and racism is seen. While others admit Filipinos are good at heart and no one disregards anyone. This again gives me second thoughts as choosing Phillipines for studies. Hope I don’t make a bad choice. (I have no clue about this, a little googling told me about this fact)! So is it really this?
Regarding BMT, I think I should go for Bachelor in Biology then, what say? Is that okay for MD later? I can handle it pretty much well and that’s one of my favorite though gives you headache at times. :P

#65 winter on 04.29.11 at 6:08 pm

tnx djitz! =))

#66 djitz on 04.30.11 at 7:12 pm

I’m from Indonesia. Honestly, I never aware of racism case in Philippines, at least not in my school. :D
BS Biology is alright, it’s just as I’ve written in the post, BSMT graduates have some advantages because they have some of the subjects already and they also have hospital training experience. Are you going to continue studying MD in the Philippines also?

#67 Dav on 05.01.11 at 2:27 pm

Yes, I’m going to continue MD in Philippines itself. But yet not satisfied! I went through the subjects offered in Medical Tech, and I was quite startled. There are subjects like Sports, Swimming, Speech and Oral Communication, Literature, etc. which are irrelevant and not even applicable in Medical field. Somewhere I read that even Christianity is a subject in 1st sem or so!
Well, personally, am neither a Catholic. I am amazed at these subjects like sports and all, because they’re not related to Med Tech at all. I was expecting just science and chemistry stuff. But these seem to be horrifying. Do you have an option of skipping some or choosing your subjects in the university? This is getting more confusing, and again confused whether I should do this :O

#68 djitz on 05.07.11 at 6:35 pm

Hi Dav,

I guess for every undergraduate degree you always need to take some general subjects such as the english and physical education subjects you mentioned above. For the religious subject, however, it’s because the school is a Christian school so it requires the students to take these religious subjects as well. I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to get exemption from these subjects.

If you don’t want to take the religious subjects, you need to enroll in a public or private university that has no religious affiliations.

#69 clauii on 05.17.11 at 10:07 pm

Hi, I’m going to take BSMT this coming school year. Can you give me a To-Do-List or step by step or advice/motivation anything that I have to follow so that I’ll keep track on my goal. I’m planning to take Medicine and I’m really not good/have interest at any subjects except MAPEH [music, arts, pe, health] in my HS Days. I’m not very passionate at this course not until on my 4th year when it happen that I had Dengue & it really ruined my life. I didn’t even made to top 10 cuz of weeks of absences. I’m so depressed about it. But as days passed by, I started getting over it and think of what course will I take. So, balancing every detail I came across that days and weeks of my stay at the Hospital. I remember that MT who really inspired me to be MT like her. We chatted almost every time she get my blood test. Every finger tips had a hole on it so I kinda used to it & likes the way they do. It’s kinda weird though but because of that tragic thing, I made my decision to become an MT and become a Doctor.

I had really a weak immune system. Does that affect me from being an MT?

BTW, I’m from Philippines & will be studying at Velez College, Cebu city.

#70 clauii on 05.17.11 at 10:21 pm

I need something like…When I’m in the middle of like giving up, I need something to read on my bulletin board and get inspired every time I read it. It’s like something that motivates me to continue.
P.S. in my website is my personal blog where I blurt out everything in my mind. If you need some info about me, I’ll be pleased if you read it though i’m not really good at english.

#71 anj solis on 05.19.11 at 8:18 pm

Hi there DJITZLOSOPHY! i must say that you really have a nice article!

just like the others,i strongly affirm with the things that you’ve stated in your article. Reality wise, BSMT course is not a money maker course yet there are countless opportunities that await an individual that is taking/ has took the said course. And there’s no good programme/course for a person who doesn’t have the drive with the course he or she is taking. am i right? :)

I just wanted to share with you my reason why i took this programme. I was really a dentistry student at the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas. and being a dentist is my dream. But my mom told me that i should give way first for may two younger sisters who’re still studying in private schools. so my mom told me to shift to another course first, and then after graduating i can continue with my dentistry dream. so i thought of a course that would credit almost all of my subjects that i’ve took when i was a dentistry student and so that i would still be on the same year in college, just like my batchmates. and alas, the Medtech course popped out of my mind.

At first i never had the heart for this course. but as years go by, i learned to love the said course and now i have the drive to graduate with flying colors and to pass and TOP (Free Day-dreamings, everyone!) the Board Exam. :)

how can we define the word SUCCESS? For me, success doesn’t really deal with having fancy cars and houses, making a hell lot of money, so on and so forth. Being successful yourself is when you feel that all of your endeavors were fulfilled and that you are happy and contented with what you’ve had become and what you presently have. :) GOOD DAY everyone!

#72 djitz on 05.23.11 at 7:27 am

@anj solis,
Interesting story you have on the reason why you take BSMT, and how even though it was not your first course of choice but you still have the motivation to complete it the best you can. Thanks for sharing your comment and I hope all of your goals will come true! :D

#73 djitz on 05.23.11 at 7:35 am

Thanks for your comment. I think you need to have your own motivation or reasons for this, because you will be the one who face the course.
The story on how you become interested in BSMT is really nice, but I don’t think it will keep you motivated in the long run because now you don’t see her anymore, do you? However, you also said that you want to be a doctor and thus you want to take BSMT as your pre-med course, and this is a very good decision.

I don’t think your weak immune system would affect you from becoming a MT.

#74 clauii on 05.24.11 at 4:29 am

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen her since I was discharged. But I have this ‘close friend’ we are from the same school from my kindergarten-elem-HS. And, we ‘also’ took the same course in the same school now in college. I say, close friend because we’re not best friends but we really spent most of our time together. It’s just that I’m the kind of person that does not approach nor talk unless it’s necessary. haha, too personal lols. Cguro, we can draw strength / motivation from each other. :D fighting! thanks for the reply!
I’ll be back some other time! :P

#75 Violet on 05.25.11 at 10:25 am

Hi! After reading the article, I feel a little discouraged. I am an incoming 1st year college at OLFU, taking BSMT. It was only this year, mga February, when I heard of this course. I want to take Nursing but nurses here in the Ph is overflowing. So I searched for other medicine-related course and I became interested in being a medtechnologist. But you see, I am really interested in Science but I get low (but passing) grades especially my 3rd year Science which is Chemistry. Instead, I get high grades in English. Also, the worst is, I want to work in an office (but I dont want to take up Business course) AAH MY MINDS MESSED UP! Please give me a piece of advice. What to do :(

#76 djitz on 05.25.11 at 1:13 pm

@Violet, It seems that your interests are conflicting one another. I have several things for you to need to know:

1. Take common subjects if you’re not sure
To everyone who is in the freshmen or sophomore year, and isn’t sure if medtech is for them, I suggest take the common subjects as much as possible so you won’t waste too much of your time and money. It should give you some more time to decide better what you want.

2. The future of career in Nursing
Although you mentioned that the nurses in Philippines is overflowing, I think the demand for nurse seems a lot better than the demand for medtech. One of the reason why demand for medtech doesn’t grow much is because the advancement of the technology itself. Machines can do rapidly the job of what was done by medtech manually though medtech is still needed to validate the result in some cases. I don’t see such thing in nursing field in the near future. Another thing to consider, there are more number of my friends in college who took nursing and working abroad now compared who took medtech (though it maybe because there are more of them also :p).

3. Your degree is not always your profession / career
I graduated from BSMT but my career is always in IT. We chose undergraduate degree when we were 17 years old, at that young age not all of us really know what we want to be. Having a degree that is consistent to our career is really good, but is not absolute. If we have a passion in career so badly, we will find a way to get there someday. :D

#77 Violet on 05.27.11 at 10:31 am

Thank you so much for replying! Now I decided to just study my first year and focus whole heartedly. I think one year should be enough to clear my mind about wether to take Nursing (my parents wont let me take that because of what theyve watched the news – nursing students pay to their OJT etc etc) or continue to Medtech or take BSBA major in Human Resources . (I want to be in that department in an office someday. But I hate to study about Business because in our 3rd year TLE the subject is Entrepreneurship and its totally not interesting and boring)
Again, thank you and good luck to your career life.

#78 winter on 06.09.11 at 7:42 am

Mr. Djitz! =(

i need your advice.. im about to enroll as a med tech student bu then due to financial problems, i need to stop.. i really want that course =(

I just wanted to know your opinion about choosing which is which..

am i going to accept my brother’s offer to take up other courses like business administration or pharmacy though my heart was not on it or i’ll choose to stop and wait for next school year for the course i really love which is med tech? im really confused =(

thanks for your help Mr. Djitz..

#79 djitz on 06.09.11 at 2:47 pm

@winter, I’m really sorry to hear your financial problems. :(

If I were you I will take the chance to study now although it’s not the course I wanted, because waiting for one year doesn’t sound like a good idea, considering time is very precious. Both courses option are good and you might like any of them anyway.

However, if you really wanted to be a medtech, you might try to take pharmacy first as of now because they might share some common subjects. Then next year when you have the chance, you can shift to medtech without losing many course credits.

#80 winter on 06.09.11 at 6:17 pm

thanks for you advice Kuya Djitz.. =)
hopefully i can still enroll this coming 2nd semester..

#81 MnM on 06.27.11 at 2:49 am

hi! i’m a BS-MT 1 student. I really don’t know if I like the course or not. I chose this course simply because the job opportunity I can get is mostly in Laboratories. I like the course but I don’t like the school. What will I do? The school I enrolled is way too different from my high school. It seems like my high school years is more difficult than my college. I plan to shift in the second semester but what course will I choose that can definitely work in laboratories ?? (The school I wanted to enroll doesn’t offer the BS-MT course) :(

#82 MnM on 06.27.11 at 3:07 am

huhuhu, I really hate the school especially the way the teachers teach us! (sorry!) I want to transfer already but I can’t since I transferred for two times (not the course, but the school) and my parents already paid the tuition for the first semester. In my situation, the problem is the school. I don’t care if my course is not MedTech as long as I’m enrolled to the school I want.

My first choice was BS-BIOLOGY but then I heard that majority of those who took the course ended up being a teacher. (I have a phobia in speaking in front of a crowd. So being a teacher, psychiatrist or whatsoever that involves speaking doesn’t suit me.) pleeeasse help me, TT___TT

#83 Mike on 06.28.11 at 10:58 am

This has been a very Insightful and Enlightening Thread,God bless you for Sharing this.

I am currently a Foreign Student in a University @ Oklahoma,United States, who is actually on fulcrum point trying to decide if I should go ahead and Study Information Systems or Medical Technology,both ways my long term goal is to work for two years in the US and then apply to medical Schools to become a MD still in the US.

The truth is I believe I can intellectually cope with either courses,also have interested in both Technology and Healthcare.

The bowl of contention is ;which degree will put me in a better stead to:

1. Quickly get a good paying job in the US to be able to save enough money for medical school, and

2. Be easily accepted in medical school.

Thank you.

#84 Linmer on 07.04.11 at 9:21 am

This is a good post bro.. I am on a project just to help give info to MTs I hope I could share this post to them..

#85 Mike on 07.05.11 at 7:50 pm

@Linmer, we will most appreciate have your views to help put many of us through…God bless you.

#86 yen on 07.23.11 at 6:09 am

Mr. Djitz i need your help. I am currently third year in BSMT. I’m in need of a research topic. Any suggestion for an experimental research topic? thanks a lot.

#87 ren on 08.13.11 at 7:58 am

thanks for posting… this year 2011 2nd sem. may qualifying exam na po for CD. ask po me ng advise if may idea po kayo sa mga itatanong sa exam… hehehe. thanks:)

#88 djitz on 08.21.11 at 3:46 pm

@ren, do you mean the qualifying exam is prior to enter CD? I never heard of it before, so I don’t think I can give you any advice about it. Try to ask the CI faculty rather.

#89 LabRat on 08.30.11 at 11:25 pm

I currently work as a MedTech. I do have to say the work environment is less intense as the nursing field and there is no direct patient contact. The pay can be better but I willnot compare it with an RN.. When comparing to how much we study to what we actually do and earn. I do think the program is exaggerated a bit too much. I remember studying like if I am in med school… I had the dream of studyign further adn going into PA family situations, needing to take GRE and the delay in application review and acceptance process discouraged me. There are other things in life then to continue studying rest of my life.. sooo I decided to intigrate business masters degree and see how far I can get with that..
Yes you do learn alot in this program and it can be a very good base or fall back plan for students wanting to go into med school. If you have other responsbilities and situations in life it can come in the way fromw aht you set out for…
I’m stressed out…because I don’t want this back up plan (MedTech) to be what I settle down with.. so I suggest for those student who is taking this program before come up with another back up plan…because your back up plan will be somethign you will not be satisfied with when you knwo you have so much more potential and can do so much more..
GOOD LUCK with whatever ppl choose…but remember happiness is what we should strive toward..thats the secret of life.. tc ppl

#90 djitz on 08.31.11 at 3:41 am


Yes, medtech students study as if they’re in med school, that’s why it’s one of best med school preparation.
I agree with you that they should come up with another back up plan if they don’t want to settle with medtech because I believe most of medtech students are bright and highly potential.

God bless for your plan!

#91 Howie on 09.03.11 at 8:42 pm

Yes, indeed, the author is right! I am currently a practicing pediatrician in the U.S.A. I took the undergraduate course of B.S.M.T. at U.S.T. upon the advise of a hospital pathologist. I came from the Southern Philippines. 4 of my high school classmates and I decided to pusue medicine, but we were unsure of which premed course to take. The intense study in BSMT made it very easy for us (med tech graduates) to glide through the first 2 years of medicine while the others were “struggling”…
After graduating from medicine, I came to the USA,penniless, and under the impression that the UST medical diploma will help me face the world of pursuing my dream of practicing medicine in the USA….it did not… America has placed obstacles for all foreign medical graduates and UST has no helping hands nor advice to offer except for the active fundraising events that successful older graduates do every year — which is a real sentiment of the younger struggling graduates who have voiced this out. Thankfully, I have my BSMT to help me through financially while, I struggled to overcome the obstacles…
Yet, I can still be proud of the alma mater who has nurtured me to be a professional…

#92 Howie on 09.03.11 at 8:45 pm

this is a balance of truth and reality

#93 trevor,RN on 09.05.11 at 5:48 pm

hi djit! i was looking for medtech curriculum online and then i came across this site. I am a RN, i graduated in 2007 and up to this very moment.. jobless.. My sister encouraged me to take up BSMT this coming sem and after reading what you have to say about medtech course.. well it made me think hundred times whether i will enroll or not..

#94 djitz on 09.05.11 at 6:44 pm

Thank you for sharing your great experience and how you’ve overcome the challenges you faced. I also agree with you, med tech might not be WHAT we are now, but it made us WHO we are now. :D

#95 djitz on 09.05.11 at 6:48 pm

I know sometimes it’s hard to accept, but I believe it’s better to let people know the reality upfront. If taking BSMT will give you more job opportunities, then you can go for it. But don’t think that it won’t come with some risk and challenges.

#96 trevor,RN on 09.05.11 at 8:32 pm

Thanks again djitz for that insight.. I’m still confused whether to enroll or not, but the situation of nurses here in the Philippines would greatly dictate my decision. It has been 4 years since I got my RN license, but I never landed a nursing job. Yes, I was also one of the hundreds of nurses caught up in the so-called volunteerism in hospital to be able to get clinical experience, but sadly volunteer experience is unacceptable when applying nursing jobs abroad.. I even managed to passed both the NCLEX-RN and the CGFNS Qualifying Exam, but these are futile for now especially that the United States is succumbing in economic downfall and visa issuance for nurses were still kept on hold.. Perhaps, I would have to weigh the pros and cons of taking up BSMT, and figure it out myself the decision I would have to make.. Thanks.

#97 sales_mt on 09.20.11 at 11:15 pm

Hi djits! thanks for the post, it explains a lot, everything in the world of MT but not more of the career opportunities now a days. I just want to share my career path as being MT. I graduated in 2003 and had my 2 yr experience as MT in hospital. It didn’t last because my social life sacrificed, since I am a Jr.Staff, I always in the night shift. A sales offer came so I became a Sales and Applications Specialist in one of the known Diagnostic Sales in the country. It lasted for 3 years because I see many opportunities in Manila like the job I am handling. In 2008, I became product manager in one of the competitive and famous leading IVD industry in Manila. I have good compensation, nice car, high food and gas allowances, phone allowance plus the monthly commissions when you hit your target (which I am). Dears, Im writing in here to encourage MT grads and those taking up MT currently to continue what you are doing. You have to see the opportunities arounds you. MTs are very in demand nowadays. Almost every Hospital is in need of Clinical Laboratory personnel. Overseas are also open; needs higher budget for US,Eu; enough experience for KSA, Mid.East. Over-all, MT is in demand. For those who are eyeing for high salary bec. you have family to support, try to penetrate the Sales World. As a matter of fact, we even get Nursing grads for sales even the first choice are MTs, see? Lastly and most importantly,do not forget-to put God first-in evrything to you plan and dream. He will sure help you. I can testify. Thanks.

#98 djitz on 09.21.11 at 12:23 am


Thanks for stopping by and giving your comment! :D
I agree that becoming sales is one of the best option if we want better compensations than what most of the MT usually get.
However, I’m not fully sure regarding the high demand for MT you mentioned. Do you have some data or sources to back that?

Lastly, I fully agree with your last statement to put God as the first priority. :)

#99 sales_mt on 09.21.11 at 12:34 am

you can visit JOBSDB and JOBSTREET website. PAMET Organization aswell. Most of the biggest Medical Centers and Hospitals in our Region is looking for MT grads. Are you a practicing MT now?

#100 djitz on 09.21.11 at 12:49 am

that’s great news then for our MT graduates! However, I still think that the demand is still limited since I believe the turnover rate of MT in a lab is rather low, and the number of MT needed in an hospital is not as high compared to nurses or doctors.

No, I never practiced MT since I graduated. I’m a software developer and I definitely love what I’m doing now. :D

#101 Exia671 on 09.21.11 at 5:52 am

So today, a friend talked to me about changing her course. I was like cool. At least you are making up your mind in your first years and not later on in your college and you will end up wasting a lot of money and time. And later on in class. I started to think. i started to think about my course. Because she was talking about how hard her course is and how easier it would be to shift. I was like. My course is pretty hard too. Can I handle all this math? Will I find jobs as a computer engineer?
So i went home and started to do some research. Ask others for advice/opinions. I read this one guys opinion on how he wanted to work in a medical field and also a computer field cause he likes using the computer and is quite good at it too. And this other guy said “don’t confuse the interest in using computer and having interest in computer field, because they can be so different.” and that made so much sense to me. When i looked into computer engineering, I was like cool, Imma learn how everything works, how to make all these parts and what it has to do with a computer. That’s what got me interested in my course. Then i look at my curriculum. There’s a lot of programming and codes involved. i have a programming class right now. We are just learning the basics and stuff. But like I’m guessing this is sort of what i have to do in life. Do I want that?
Well I’m doing more research on Medical Technology right now. It seems like a good course. I am especially drawn to the fact on how it is laboratory based. I like to work in labs back in High School. Labs during Chemistry and Physics were the best. They interested me more than any of my subjects. And it is a science course. Majoring in science was one of my choices too. I was going to take up biology or marine biology also.
Well, I got A LOT of thinking to do about my future and what do I want.

#102 Sales_mt on 09.21.11 at 7:32 am

You may think that the turn over rate for MT is limited because you are not aware. Please allow me to interfere with your ideas regarding the demands for MTs. It’s almost everyday that I visit hospitals and free standing labs nationwide because of the nature of my job and found the facts that MTs are indeed needed almost everywhere. They even consider nurses for blood extraction just to reserved the MT Board passer to do the actual bench work. The turn over rate is high because MT overseas are also open. Yes, you are right that MT numbers per hosp is not as big as nursing or doctors organization but that small organization for MT in the Pathology Lab is even harder to fill in because of MT crisis now adays. Thank you for entertaining my thoughts and ideas that are experienced based. God bless.

#103 djitz on 09.21.11 at 7:50 am


Yup, you definitely have more current and years of experience and in MT field more than I do. I based what I said from the one year internship experience that I had in 3 different laboratories around Philippines (Iligan, Manila, and Cagayan Valley). :)

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it, and I hope we can encourage every MT students and graduates who read this blog. GBU too. :D

#104 djitz on 09.21.11 at 8:07 am


There are a lot of reason to shift course, but personally I’m against shifting course if the reason is because the course is too HARD.
I almost wanted to shift from Medtech due to this reason, and I’m so glad I didn’t.

There will be always challenges in every course, and although some course may look easier than the other, to be the best at any course always requires hardship at some point. We don’t be the best by doing easy things, but by accomplishing what other people can’t easily achieve. :)

Regarding your current course in computer engineering, I can say that in general computer career looks bright in the future because almost everything is going to digital direction. However, if you don’t like programming nor some other computer field subjects, you may think about your course.

Medical technologist works in a lab, but it’s a bit different from chemistry and physics lab. The primary job of MT is to test human’s body fluids such as blood, urine, stool, cerebrospinal fluid, etc, to provide doctors accurate information for help in deciding patient’s illness and medical treatment. However, some other MT branch out and can also work as Perfusionist, and even Research Scientist. :D

Definitely the course requires a lot memorization, but if you really love science, you may want to check it out.

#105 mushroomsup on 09.25.11 at 8:45 pm

hey there, I was looking for jobs in the internet when I suddenly went by this page.

i just passed the philippine board exam for MTs, have taken the oath and i know there are lots of hospitals hiring for RMTs right now. But im at the point where im clueless of whether pursuing it as a career or not. when i was an intern i’ve observed the life in the laboratory, one MT there is like in her late 30s no special someone and no family, and i began to picture myself if i wanted that kind of life. im a family person, still single because i was really taking my studies seriously, i tried to make time to have fun but you just suddenly feel uneasy because you have to study, you know? And i’ve done a lot of studying and after graduation i begin to think that i haven’t really lived life at all. its all just in school and inside the house… i didn’t try to meet new people in my life or travel in new places… but I really enjoyed the learning experience being as student of MT. the new organisms that you’ve learned and those that make up our body and how it reacts on us, I’ve really enjoyed understanding those things.

so now im unemployed… im just torn in making a decision right now… if I should be an MT inside a Lab or not, or find a job now or may be next year. Find time to think about it? I don’t know. Sigh. I wanted to try teaching though… but figured that’s just for those MTs who are over achievers? Don’t know as well. That’s just how I perceived my professors of MTs… :D

It would really help me a if you could enlighten me with some or a lots of good advice…

#106 djitz on 09.26.11 at 8:01 pm


Congrats for passing the medtech board exam, and glad to hear that the job opportunities are good for medtechs. :D

First, even if you’re not sure if working in a lab is what you want or not, just take it at the moment. You will know better if it’s what you want or not when you’re working, and staying unemployed won’t look really good in your resume. You can always decide to resign later on.

Regarding the personal life, it’s really a matter of choice, a lot of MT I know are happily married. Although it maybe the ‘side effect’ of the clinical division, but after graduation I don’t think the course / career can be blamed for it. If you enjoyed your study learning MT courses, that’s great, and now is your time to enjoy the freedom to do what you want with your life. :D

About teaching, I don’t think you need to be the smartest MT to teach the courses. As long as you are good at explaining things to people, and have the passion for teaching others, I believe you will do good.

#107 naizelev on 10.07.11 at 7:39 pm

Hello :) I’m a currently first year MT student from Philippines and i would like to ask for some piece of advice. I’m currently in state of confusion whether if i would continue to enroll in the second semester. I survived in the first semester fourtunately but it was really a traumatic experience for me for it was not really easy to take BS MT course. I always had sleepless nights due to everyday examinations .. i really really felt tired :( and i was really afraid to have the same experiences in the second semester. I was thinking to shift to Fine arts because i had really passion for arts too. But i was thinking that most of the units i took for the 1st sem. will not be credited and that it would be useless. Please help me decide ..i really need some advice and motivations..please do help me. Anyway i would like to ask if you have some ideas about the job opportunities for Fine arts graduates?

#108 camile on 10.09.11 at 11:52 pm

hi. im a fresh grad. RMT. can anyone help me find a work in the states? thanks. kudos to all med tech.

#109 djitz on 10.11.11 at 7:37 pm


Can you specify which subjects traumatized you? Because in the first year, MT shares a lot of common subjects (biology, chemistry, math, etc) with other courses, and not really until the clinical division you know about what the MT subjects feels like.

Basically, there are always two options, press on and find ways to overcome the challenges, or quit.

#110 djitz on 10.11.11 at 7:38 pm

This is not really a job board, but maybe someone can help camile.

#111 MJ on 10.20.11 at 7:08 am

Im a registered nurse and its been 2 years since im doing volunteerism in a hospital,unfortunately no hospitals are confused if im going to enroll in a grad school(MAN) masters degree in nursing or enroll in BS MT?i have my subjects accredited and they said i could take BSMT within 2 and a half years.. i need your advice guys..thanx

#112 neko on 10.24.11 at 9:33 pm

Hello! I’m currently a BSECE student from the Philippines. I just want to ask if are there available scholarships for BMLS (formerly BSMT) here in the Philippines. The reason is that I want to change course from engineering to medical technology but I’m having financial problems. I’m planning to have a scholarship but I can’t find any. Thanks.

Another question: Is a Masteral degree / PhD degree required to work a research associate or research scientist?

#113 jam31 on 10.25.11 at 1:20 am

hi, im an RN here in Philippines. i would like to have a piece of advice about studying med tech. i know it must be confusing for some of u because you have mentioned that we have higher salary than med techs; but im having a difficulty finding local job and i think if i find one ill not enjoy it. im curious about med tech and it seems that its quite my type. u think its too late for me? thanks.

#114 hana on 10.26.11 at 4:22 am

i agree with the pressure thing you mentioned along with the med tech coarse and as a career… Im a registered med tech for almost three years now, and all i want to tell the med tech students, that this profession, yes doesn’t earn u much money in the future but the fulfillment that you earn through this is priceless…this course is as costly as any other med courses, and i wont lie its a heck of a hell, it entails everyone’s time and dedication to struggle yourself out of evry challenge this course presents. You may be the best student in high school, but without the proper motivation and with just money in mind…good luck! I went to med school and you will definitely thank your teachers in BSMT!

#115 hana on 10.26.11 at 4:32 am

to all fresh grads, dont rush thing guys, finding job abroad is not so difficult if u have any experience in the clin lab. Even f hospitals around the world are obviously understaffed, they will expectedly go for the experienced ones. local hospitals may have vacancies and may offer good salary too, but u will be subjected to a training of course coz every agency has their own protocol.
You will be a big help to the med tech community in the philippines for quite sometime before going somewhere else.

#116 djitz on 10.26.11 at 9:28 pm

Thank you for giving your comments and encouragements for the new med tech graduates. :D

#117 penelope on 11.16.11 at 3:24 am

yeah this course is really hard i’m a sophomore now . and woah i’m really stressed .. i can’t imagine how stressful the last 2 years would be . but i really love this course <3 haha i wish we would have a bright future people haha

#118 Svetlana on 11.29.11 at 5:09 pm

To the author of the article,
I’m currently taking Medical Technology course. I did research about this job. So I knew what I was getting into :) I understood that you were disappointed because your expectations I guess were not fulfilled.. But I’m not sure what they actually were.. I mean the description of the profession is available. :) What did you expect from it? Was it very different from what you thought it was?

#119 djitz on 11.29.11 at 9:16 pm


Interesting, I never have someone asked me these questions. :) I will try to answer them.
- What did you expect from it?
> Considering the course toughness, I was expecting a better job opportunities with higher pay to be fair.

- Was it very different from what you thought it was?
> In fact, I didn’t thought anything about job and salary when I took BSMT, I took it because of the challenges (that definitely hit me) and the course exclusive status. But before I graduated I realized it wasn’t like I expected.

God bless for your study! :D

#120 jao on 12.15.11 at 6:30 pm

hi guys…

just to comment about low roi or being elite in the society for the reason of taking BSMT,,, I bet you were in a wrong course. In fact if you want to get rich and in line w/ the elite part of the society take the business course and start digging. I mean aren’t you proud of being a MT? Im in my 2nd year Med proper, and proudly to say everything that i’ve learned in my MT years gives me confidence and the ROI…. i bet it’s even more than you could ever think of.

for those who were still in their college years just dont take the pressure too much…. we all know it’s not easy…but that’s what makes it superior to any other course,,, it create a complicated self boosting confidence on our part.

Just imagine,,, doctors cannot diagnose w/o lab results,,, and sometimes they become paralize w/ their diagnosis if the results provided were wrong..

#121 DeX on 01.08.12 at 12:26 am

I was researching my course and came across ur page , i thought it was fabulous, thankz for the advice ,
Im currently in 2nd yr in biomedical technology in south africa ,
im speculating my decision for taking the course. .
i think most people took the course becoz med school far frm reach n med tech is a stepping stone ,

im extremely passionate about being in the medical field bt not in the way medtech is offering , being n doc was n dream of mine n still is ,

there is alot of pressure in the field its true, honestly i cope quite well and my marks are not that bad ..

i neva thought that this course would b what i made out to , i knw ppl hd high hopes . . .

i think all im asking is for some advice …
passionately wanting to be n doc


#122 Yana on 01.14.12 at 9:41 am

I am a freshman taking BS Medical Technology.
I didn’t know that the course existed until I learned it from my classmate who was to take it. My course in mind back then was something related to engineering but I have low confidence on myself, thinking it was a man’s job (since I heard most of those who take it are guys and they’re more preferred by companies [I was pretty scared on this part]), and I well, uhm, I’m not seriously good dealing with guys. I know it was a funny thing I considered this idea over my interest.
Anyway, although I never thought I’ll be taking a course under the medical field, I am doing great. I made it on the DL and I’m doing well in chemistry.
But I still have doubts in my mind. Am I on the right track?
By the way, what is Biomedical Engineering? Is it somehow related on our field?

#123 djitz on 01.15.12 at 2:49 pm

@Yana, there a lot of ways how people know about BSMT, and that’s fine if you’re enjoying it.

Biomedical Engineering is different from Medical Technology, because the earlier involved engineering (designing and creating tools), that is almost non-existent in BSMT. Actually that’s probably why BSMT name is changed to Medical Laboratory Science, because Medical Technology name misleads people most of the time.

#124 FROI on 01.23.12 at 6:29 am

I ‘am a bs medtech for 20 yrs but i ‘am not bright or highly intelligent during my school days to my luck i was hired to work first into genetic lab. I was exposed on diff. work here like in molecular , genetics and biochemical it is hard but a good learning experience to me and happy to what I achieve as med. tech.. Don’t loose hope and idealism for your course cause you will not know where your are going to land as you graduate. Good Luck med techs.

#125 grodergave on 02.07.12 at 9:56 am

Thanks djitz!

After scrolling down and reading almost all of the comments, I have decided that the best pre-med course for me is BS in Physical Therapy xD

“The patients need a Doctor, while Doctors need MedTech”

But I say..

“After the Doctors and MedTech’s vigorous day work, they’ll need a good soothing massage,” that’s where Physical Therapist comes xD

#126 djitz on 02.12.12 at 4:55 pm

@grodergave, LOL! I like your joke.. :D

#127 Ompong on 02.17.12 at 10:58 am

For those aspiring to migrate for better salaries I would suggest Canada or Australia since both of these countries have more liberal immigration policies for skilled workers. Contrast that with the horrendous wait times and highly restrictive policies and procedures in the US.

Canada and Australia, I believe have two extra years of schooling compared to the Philippines which is the main reason why a lot of professional Pinoys are only considered as vocational graduates even after graduating from college. So the best advice for the aspirants is to get at least a Masteral or better yet even a Doctorate to overcome the higher Canadian education standard.

#128 rgtenyoueyesee on 02.19.12 at 5:07 am

At present 2012, Medical Technologists are highly paid in the Philippines as well as in other countries like the UAE, US, and AU. There is an increasing demand for medical technologists in our country because many of our RMTs prefer working abroad for the reason stated above. We cannot compare the salary of nurses to our profession. They maybe paid considerably higher than us but their workload is way overboard compared to our “relatively easier” and mostly-automated job inside the laboratory. Nurses need to literally wipe the asses of patients but we do not. I would rather choose to deal with the patient’s stool than touch their body parts.
Being a graduate of the course, I am proud because no matter how tiresome and challenging our work gets, I still have time in the laboratory to sit down and wonder what work I can have my hands do. :-)

#129 yen,RMT on 03.08.12 at 11:30 pm

:) wow! I’ve read your entry. everything you said is definitely true! The Medical Technology course is, indeed, a nightmare! on my case, it all started when i first encounter all our major subjects (like, Clin. Chem, Micro-Para, Hema, Histopath, Microscopy, etc). W-O-W! try having ALL of that at once! i can remember sleepless nights trying to memorize the appearance of different ova, crystals and (for some instance) create an imaginary picture of blood films in my head! because tomorrow, your know-it-all professor will give you practical exams and endless quizzes about it! not only it’ll make you recognize images (like they are your long lost friends…), but you also have to know their clinical effects on the body. and thats where CC comes up! you just need to know everything! as if that wasn’t enough, you also have Bacte to fill your near-bursting head! gossssh, the AGARS!! i mean, come on!!! XXX it will certainly dry, and slowly kill your head. and surprisingly, I’m just starting!

remember i told you about those sleepless nights? oh well. you haven’t seen it all until you’re an intern. Sleepless nights??? oh no! they are LOOOOOOONG, TIRING, and (God forbid) TOXIC nights of your life. you just keep working and working until you smell like crap. and i do mean, crap. because we’re studying poo all the time! its a shower of poo and pee! and if you’re lucky, you’ll have semen analysis after! ugh. seriously.?!

but i can say, that it was one of the most exciting part of my life. after all the crazy stuff, at the end of the day, you’ll just laugh about it! it was crazy. but the good kind of crazy.

its just sad that MedTechs are not being acknowledge properly in the Medical Field. After all the Academic pressures and the hardship you put into work, the patients only recognize the nurses and their doctors. Like, we are always the “Other” Health Alliances of the Medical era.

to those aspiring MedTechs, just go on! its gonna be rough and hard. but it’ll be worth it. be a shit-smelling, pee-adoring Blood suckers now! :D (yes, we’re the new era of vampires..)

#130 Erick on 03.15.12 at 11:35 pm

I just read this article and kinda put me down z bit. However, if it was easy there’d be tons of medical technologyst With a bachelors degree. The job money part im really not concerned cause my father owns a lab. Yet i simpathyze with those who feel their career in undeapreciated. I plan to apply for medical school. I finished 2 nd year of medical scool in Cuba when i was 19 years old. Now im 37 and i need to know if med school is going to consider my MLTBS seriously or im going to have to start taking sciences once more . Can anybody comment on this please………????