Different Types of Church

Veneta SDA Church from Flickr by YoungWarrior

Veneta SDA Church from Flickr by YoungWarrior

Quite a catchy title huh? 😀 Well, I just wanna talk about my theories of different church types. I’m not gonna talk about different church denominations here, but rather the different church of SDAs.

From my experiences going around the churches in Philippines, Singapore, Surabaya, Bali, and Jakarta, I see that basically SDA churches can be categorized into at least four types, they are: Continue reading “Different Types of Church”

Lessons Learned as Adventist Youth Leader: Mistakes and Wisdoms

flickr picture by IASD Central Porto Alegre

photo by Rafael Fischer (http://iasd.org)

AY Department is probably one of the most important department in a church because it prepares the next generation for their responsibilities to God and fellow men. Unfortunately in most churches it is also probably the department that has least attention.

I’ve had a year experience as my church Adventist Youth (AY) Leader. The church was a petite one, with only more or less 10 youth in total. However, the lessons that I learned I believe are quite fundamental and exist in other churches as well.

In this post I want to share some of the lessons that I have the great opportunity to learn during my AY leadership term. Continue reading “Lessons Learned as Adventist Youth Leader: Mistakes and Wisdoms”

Career as Administrator vs Programmer

O’Reilly Books by mightyohm

I remember almost a year ago I googled for article about this. I’ve been a system and network administrator for more than two years in medium sized company, dealing with Windows Servers, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Firewall, and VMWares.

Then, for an unknown crazy reason I applied for a programmer position in one of the biggest software house in Indonesia. I was accepted and suddenly had a dillemma of choosing to stay as an administrator or to shift career as programmer.

Being a good information age generation, I looked for what other people’s opinion in online forums. Some are pros for career in sys and network administration, and some others are pros for career in software development.

To be honest, they made me even more confused. But I finally made my choice.

Now after 8 months of work as Java EE programmer, I want to share about what I know about these two IT careers. Please note that I don’t think one is superior than another although during this article I may be a bit inclined to software development career. Continue reading “Career as Administrator vs Programmer”

Medical Technologists Greatly Needed In U.S (and other countries too…)

 Empty Laboratory

There is a really interesting portion at the end part of the wiki article on Medical technologist. It’s about the decreasing number medical technologist education program causing decreasing medical technologist available. This of course leads to increase in demand for medical technologist in the US and other countries (not specifically mentioned though).

I tried to look for the exact publications from where the citation is taken, however the wiki doesn’t provide any.

Honestly I was writing a post about my view of medical technology last week then I saw the portion and I decided to postpone my writing first and discuss about this interesting insight rather. Continue reading “Medical Technologists Greatly Needed In U.S (and other countries too…)”

Three Years After BS Medical Technology Graduation: Lessons, Wisdoms, and Thoughts

 Graduates Picture from flckr.com

Warning: This article contains strong and provoking words that may discourage some of the readers who are currently taking bachelor of science in medical technology and/or bachelor of science in laboratory science as it is called now.

UPDATE (3/12/2012): The comment section for this article is closed because it has gotten too long. You can find other articles related to medtech here.

BS Medical Technology (BSMT) or also known as medtech was one of the best science course one can take in Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) during my study there. The sight of medtech clinical students (CD) wearing white uniform and black pants for the guys with a silver name tag shining sent an exclusive image for those who wear it.

The course was designed to only allows the smartest and the brightest to survive. It was famous for its hectic schedule, long laboratory hours, and difficult curriculum. All of these create a mysterious impression of the course itself and its students altogether.

Having all of these characteristics plus the banner that constantly announced the course’s top notchers in the Philippines medical technology board exam, the course receives high respect from the campus community. Thus the future seems bright for the medtech graduates.

However, the question is, is it true? Is the future really going to be dazzling for the medtech graduates, who are mostly the brightest students of the campus? This is the question that I’m trying to answer through this article. Continue reading “Three Years After BS Medical Technology Graduation: Lessons, Wisdoms, and Thoughts”