Lagu Sion for Guitar Players

I remember a few years ago when I started playing guitar. I did what most new guitar learner do, I bought the popular Pop songs chord book and tried to play some of the songs. It was good, it taught me to practice guitar chords in fun way.

Then, I thought, why there is no chord book for the songs that we Seventh-Day Adventist always sing every Sabbath? Continue reading “Lagu Sion for Guitar Players”

Lagu Sion PDF


Just last night I was thinking if anyone has created a PDF of Lagu Sion (Indonesian Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal book). I didn’t see any in the first and second page of Google results for “Lagu Sion PDF” so I assumed that it is not available yet.

Thank God, there are so many Powerpoint version of Lagu Sion available already. Because to create this Lagu Sion PDF, I use one of the Powerpoint version and copy the lyrics to a text file, then I create the PDF version with Microsoft Word. It really speed up the process, because I don’t need to type all the lyrics.

So here it is, the Lagu Sion in PDF format:

Download Lagu Sion PDF Version 1.0

*To download, click on File > Download original.

lagu sion app icon
Update: (June 7, 2012)
I developed mobile app for Lagu Sion, the Android version can be found here in Google Play (Android Market). The iOS version will soon be available after it’s approved. 🙂