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What is Computer Science?

The misconception Probably the most common misconception about computer science is that people thought that the “computer” word in it is for “computer machines”, it’s NOT! I think the more appropriate name for the degree should be Computing Science. Why? Because although the field heavily

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Data Mining Notes – Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Algorithm outline: ——————– (from video) Start with neural network (single or multiple layer). Present the training sample, compute the activation values of all the units until we compute the activation values of output layer units. Compare the output that we computed with the training sample output

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Design Pattern Resources

Design Pattern Websites: Go4Expert Forum SourceMaking OODesign Wikipedia Design Pattern Books:

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Data Mining Techniques Class Notes and Outline

Course term: Spring 2012 – Northeastern University Website: course official website. Course Professor:Professor Mirek Riedewald Textbook: Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, Third Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) Some of the outline item will have a separate detailed post.