iOS Quiz App Using jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap Experience

Texas Driver License iOS App

In less than a week, using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap, I created the iOS version of Texas Driver License Practice Test app that I made for Android two months ago. As of this writing, the app is still in approval process so I will post the link later on when it’s approved. Continue reading “iOS Quiz App Using jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap Experience”

Five Free iPhone Apps for Seventh-Day Adventists

SS Apps

If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, there are some apps you may want to have in your device. Although not all of these apps are created by SDA, but three of them are. It sort of surprise me because this time the church seems to adopt the hype of mobile application quickly. These apps also get updated quite often so far (and I hope they always will).

I only put three apps of the church that I used most, although there are more apps avaiable in the iTunes store.

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Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch Review (for Programmer)

Apple MacBook Pro

Just after I review the iPad 32 GB yesterday, a good friend of mine asked me to rather write review about my MacBook Pro. I’ve actually plan to write about it but I never had time, so maybe now it’s a good time.

I bought my MacBook Pro last August from Apple store in Boston, it was during a back to school promo period and tax-free day in Massachussetts. So I got $100 discount, a free iPod touch, free HP Wireless Printer Scanner, and no tax. Not bad eh..

I’m taking Master of Science in Computer Science, so most of the time I’m a programmer and let’s see if the Apple MacBook Pro can handle my demand from a laptop.

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