Quip – Productivity Tools Review

Quip on different screens
Quip on different screens

I love productivity tools!

And there seems to be endless options of tools available online now. Some tools able to stay alive (Evernote, Wunderlist-now owned by Microsoft) some others are not so lucky (Springpad, Astrid).

Now I’m using one of the new tool called Quip, and I like it! Continue reading “Quip – Productivity Tools Review”

Lightest Free Antivirus 2009 Review

 Lightest Free Antivirus 2009 Review

It was two years after my first article about the lightest antivirus and there are hundreds of hits to it. I believe it means that there are so many people who are quite pissed with their antivirus who are consuming their RAMs mercilessly (allright, I know I exaggerate it..). But eventhough the RAM price is amazingly cheap right now, we still never be satisfied with antivirus who take too much free memory.

Besides, for those of you who already use Windows Vista, you know how hungry this little baby from Microsoft is right? So you don’t want any more hungry application such as the anti virus to consume your free RAMs further. Continue reading “Lightest Free Antivirus 2009 Review”

Tampering Oracle JDeveloper 10 Splash Screen

Well, we all know that most programs display a splash screen showing the program logo and one liner. JDeveloper 10 is no exception and the software one liner goes saying “Productivity with choice”.
I have no problem with its one liner, however I believe one of the followings is more accurate.

JDev 10 Tampered Splash Screen

cause you got no choice.. Continue reading “Tampering Oracle JDeveloper 10 Splash Screen”

Playing Around With Comic Life


Just tried playing with the software Comic Life by plasq. It’s a really cool software to create comic effects of your pictures collection in just a few minutes. Really cool software, it’s a must for you who get bored with ordinary photos on your blog or social network websites.

Here I upload my first comic life result. It’s composed of three pictures when me and my work colleagues in Bali Camp went to Kuta last month.