Bali Camp Short Movie 2008

BC Short Movie 2008

Two years ago, when I was still working in Bali Camp, I bought a cotton mask from a mountaineering store in Denpasar. It looks like the mask that the terrorists in Counter Strike game wear.

So the evening after I bought the mask, I tried to wear it and took several pictures using my laptop cam. Then I noticed this would be more cool if I have a hostage too. So I called Ardie, my friend, to be so kind to be the hostage. Continue reading “Bali Camp Short Movie 2008”

Bali Camp Bloody Pool Ritual

Falling Style 07

When you live secluded from the city, your wild animal instincts appear. The people in Bali Camp Pacung, living far from Denpasar, in a midst of wild green lushes of Bali, up in the mountains, have developed a very merciless form of entertainment.

It is a ritual where very few people can escape and the number of victim keeps rising.

Whenever the ritual is initiated, the harmless people you see in Bali Camp will turn to possessed-blood-thirsty executors who will not stop running and chasing until they catch their prey and execute them.

No one can stop them, so it is safe to keep distance when the ritual is happening. Some courageous (or naive) people managed to take shots of the ritual, but who knows what happened to them when the executors saw them.

Dedicated to the victims and photographers-turned-victims, I present to you the collection of Bali Camp Pool Execution Ritual.

*Some of the content contain violent graphics and are unsuitable for children.

Continue reading “Bali Camp Bloody Pool Ritual”

Where In Bali Is Bali Camp?

 Bali Camp Pacung Map and Address

Ok, if you ever visit the company website of Bali Camp, you might have several questions in mind such as:
– Is this really an office?
– Where are the offices, I only see huts?
– I thought Bali is all beach, why it’s like all mountain and valley in the picture?
– Where in Bali is it located?

Unfortunately I cannot answer all the questions this time but the last one.

Bali Camp is located at the heart of the island of Bali. Specifically, it’s located in Desa Pacung, Kecamatan Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, propinsi Bali. Continue reading “Where In Bali Is Bali Camp?”

Meet The Designer of The Bali Camp Pacung Building


Still want to get more stories about Bali Camp Pacung marvelous building? Of course, it’s one building that won’t be easily forgotten once you’ve step your foot there. Though it’s not a hotel nor any recreation building, it can surely competes with the top hotel and bungalows in Bali.

However, a big question remains so far, who actually designed the building?

Finally I got a link to Prasetyo Budi Santoso, one of the Interior Designer who worked the project in year 1998. Continue reading “Meet The Designer of The Bali Camp Pacung Building”

Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Day Edition

“But… not all that look good at night can look as good at daylight.”

Yes and the opposite is also true, some sites of Bali Camp Pacung look far better under sunlight rather than under artificial lights and so I uploaded several photos of Bali Camp Pacung under the sunlight.

Bali Camp Pacung building is basically a mix of traditional Bali living, surrounded by lush green fields of rice fields and clear blue skies, and comfortable modern facilities, such as open theatres and swimming pool.

I have yet to know if there is any other software house office in Indonesia that matches the beauty of Bali Camp Pacung. Continue reading “Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Day Edition”

Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Night Edition

me in front of bali camp stone

As most of you have heard about the Bali Camp legends (if you haven’t, then you can listen now..), the Bali Camp office in Pacung, Baturiti, Bali is so much famous for its beauty. Splendidly designed to be unlike any other office, the legend holds true till now.

This was my chat with one of my best friend:

djito santoso: udah lihat fotonya?
my friend: kantor tuh??
my friend: anjeeeennnnggg
my friend: pantesan betah lu di kantor
my friend: emang nasiblu tuh ya ada aja hokynya

[english version]

djito santoso: have you seen the picture?
my friend: that’s an office??
my friend: daaaawwwgggg
my friend: that’s why you love to stay in office
my friend: you really always get lucky in your life huh Continue reading “Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Night Edition”

How Do I Sleep In The Office?

My Lovely Office Bed

Ever since the third week of my work here at BaliCamp Pacung, I become one of the office habitants. It was started by my senior developer who began sleeping in the office every night a week earlier, and in just a few weeks after, the office habitants have increased to not less than 10 persons (me included :p).

Why do we sleep in the office? There are many reasons actually, but probably the best one is:

“Why Not?” Continue reading “How Do I Sleep In The Office?”

Playing Around With Comic Life


Just tried playing with the software Comic Life by plasq. It’s a really cool software to create comic effects of your pictures collection in just a few minutes. Really cool software, it’s a must for you who get bored with ordinary photos on your blog or social network websites.

Here I upload my first comic life result. It’s composed of three pictures when me and my work colleagues in Bali Camp went to Kuta last month.

First Three Days Experience at Balicamp Bali

Once again one of my dreams come true last Sunday when I and other 20 persons become the first batch that was sent to the Balicamp at Pacung, Bali.

It was not all sweet experience here though, chilling nights, ice water morning bath, great amount of hidden charges, and isolation far on top of the mountain are just some of the miseries we all experience here.

But when the time we went to Kuta beach, all of series of unfortunate events above are all forgotten.

This article is written to describe about the condition that we feel so far (three days far to be exact.. ;D) about our new work environment at the famous Balicamp. I try to be as objective as possible, though some subjectivities may still present. Continue reading “First Three Days Experience at Balicamp Bali”