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Bali Camp Short Movie 2008

Two years ago, when I was still working in Bali Camp, I bought a cotton mask from a mountaineering store in Denpasar. It looks like the mask that the terrorists in Counter Strike game wear. So the evening after I bought the mask, I tried

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Bali Camp Bloody Pool Ritual

When you live secluded from the city, your wild animal instincts appear. The people in Bali Camp Pacung, living far from Denpasar, in a midst of wild green lushes of Bali, up in the mountains, have developed a very merciless form of entertainment. It is

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Where In Bali Is Bali Camp?

  Ok, if you ever visit the company website of Bali Camp, you might have several questions in mind such as: – Is this really an office? – Where are the offices, I only see huts? – I thought Bali is all beach, why it’s

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How Do I Sleep In The Office?

Ever since the third week of my work here at BaliCamp Pacung, I become one of the office habitants. It was started by my senior developer who began sleeping in the office every night a week earlier, and in just a few weeks after, the

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Playing Around With Comic Life

Just tried playing with the software Comic Life by plasq. It’s a really cool software to create comic effects of your pictures collection in just a few minutes. Really cool software, it’s a must for you who get bored with ordinary photos on your blog