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Samsung Yepp M1 Music Player 8GB Review

It seems that more and more of my work colleagues are getting “intoxicated” for a search of good sound quality, either through better headphones and headphones, or music player. The new gadgets I get my hands to is Samsung M1 Music Player. It looks like

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Creative Zen Mozaic EZ300 4 GB Review

Another small music player I review this week after Meizu M3. My work colleague just bought it last week and he kindly let me borrow it and let me test it. It is the first Creative portable music player I tried so far.

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Meizu M3 Music Card 8 GB Review

One day, a work colleague of mine asked me for songs in flac format. I wondered why? Not so many people I know know about flac format. Later I found out that he just bought Meizu M3 music player. Hearing the brand Meizu, it seems