Three Seventh-Day Adventist Media iPhone Apps Review

SDA Media apps

Ever since I posted my blog post of “Five Free iPhone Apps for Seventh-Day Adventists”, I got a significant number of visitors to this blog from search engines. Though I don’t want to make a quick conclusion, it somehow means that there are a lot of SDA who are curious about what kind of apps related to the church are available in the iTunes store.

In this blog post I’m going to review three more SDA apps that are specifically related with the information media. Continue reading “Three Seventh-Day Adventist Media iPhone Apps Review”

Five Free iPhone Apps for Seventh-Day Adventists

SS Apps

If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, there are some apps you may want to have in your device. Although not all of these apps are created by SDA, but three of them are. It sort of surprise me because this time the church seems to adopt the hype of mobile application quickly. These apps also get updated quite often so far (and I hope they always will).

I only put three apps of the church that I used most, although there are more apps avaiable in the iTunes store.

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iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Gen Review

iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Gen Review

Finally, after the last two ipods I reviewed, I can own one myself. Yes friends, I own an iPod Touch now, and I loveeee it so much!!! After I spent almost the whole day yesterday filling up the iPod touch with applications from iTunes store, I decided that I should do something useful, such as writing this review. 😀

So here it is, my review of the iPod Touch 2nd generation: Continue reading “iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Gen Review”

Apple iPod Nano 8 GB

 Apple iPod Nano

After exactly three years since my last review of my brother’s first generation of iPod nano, I finally able to get my hands wet on the third (am I right?) generation of this cool gadget.

Once again, the iPod nano that I tested here is not mine, it’s owned by my work colleague and it’s just freshly arrived last evening. Yummy.. Continue reading “Apple iPod Nano 8 GB”

iPod Nano 2 GB Product Review

I know, I know.. it is so so late to write a product review about iPod Nano. The product has been around in the market for more than 3 years already. But what can I do? I only managed to try one today guys! So be patient with me and just read the review if you want to.

iPod MP3 player has been a very interesting international buzz for several years. So much so until some people generally call MP3 player as “iPod”. I remember exactly two years ago when I just bought an Apacer MP3 player to record a one-day seminar. There was this guy who asked me, “Wow, cool iPod you have there? What brand is it?”. I said, “WHAT !? you just said it was an iPod and then you asked what brand is it?” (No, I didn’t said it in front of him actually…)

There were several reasons why I didn’t buy iPod when I decided to have an MP3 player:
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