How to Load Test Flex Application Using JMeter

Two weeks ago I got responsibility to load test the web application of the company where I work using JMeter.

It’s not the first time I heard about JMeter, because about two years ago I was involved in a large project that demands high availability and high number of concurrent users at the same time (talk about more than 3,000 branches nationwide).

However, it was my friend who was assigned to explore the capabilities of JMeter back then. I’m not sure how far he went with the load testing, and what was the problem with JMeter, but we end up utilizing IBM Rational Performance Tester. Continue reading “How to Load Test Flex Application Using JMeter”

Learning Agile (Scrum) Video Tutorials by Rally Software

For the past week, I’ve really into Agile software development practices, especially Scrum.

So far, to learn more about Scrum, I’ve read the Scrum Primer (which I believe is still the very best brief introduction to the Scrum world), Do Better Scrum, and What Every Product Owner Should Know. If you’re interested, you might check them out. Continue reading “Learning Agile (Scrum) Video Tutorials by Rally Software”

Java Certification Dojo – The BlackBeltFactory way (Review)


Think of proving your knowledge in programming Java?

BlackBeltFactory has an interesting concept of using belt system common in martial arts to the Java (and other programming language too) certification system. Unlike other certification, the questions are created and reviewed by its members, this ensures a wide variety of question, certainly a good example of crowdsourcing.

I found the website just recently and registered to start my journey to be a black belt, and here’s my profile.

So far, here is what I think about the website:


  • Taking tests are free
  • Exclusivity and Pride (to be a black belt one must pass a lot of exam)
  • Practical knowledge tests (includes Spring, Hibernate, and XML)
  • Constantly growing courses and exams (crowdsourcing)


  • Not all courses are free (well, maybe it’s not really bad anyway if we want quality)

Anyway, go ahead and check BlackBeltFactory website and register yourself to start your journey to be a black belt in Java (literally). 😀

Three Seventh-Day Adventist Media iPhone Apps Review

SDA Media apps

Ever since I posted my blog post of “Five Free iPhone Apps for Seventh-Day Adventists”, I got a significant number of visitors to this blog from search engines. Though I don’t want to make a quick conclusion, it somehow means that there are a lot of SDA who are curious about what kind of apps related to the church are available in the iTunes store.

In this blog post I’m going to review three more SDA apps that are specifically related with the information media. Continue reading “Three Seventh-Day Adventist Media iPhone Apps Review”

How SQL Index Affects Query Speed Performance

Ok, so maybe I’m done with the Database Management course, but that doesn’t mean that I’m done playing around with the database. This is just some easy to follow guide how to see the difference that an index made in a real database system using MySQL.

To see the significant time difference of a query with and without index, we will need to generate a significant amount of records and you know I’m not talking about a hundred or two hundred records here, I’m talking about at least one hundred thousand (100,000) records to one million (1,000,000) records.

The first question that probably come to your mind is ‘How can I create such huge amount of data?’. The answer is you don’t, let an application do that for you, and its name is Benerator. Anyway, let’s see the steps I did for this query performance test.

Continue reading “How SQL Index Affects Query Speed Performance”

djitz Java Developer Resume

Hi all, for the whole fall semester I attended a Cooperative Education Seminars classes in my university and I’ve received a lot of useful lessons about writing a good resume. The Professor always says that your resume is the your first representation so you want to make a really good one to make sure you will get called for interview.

In my last three year experiences I mostly worked as Java developer, especially Java web application developer as you can see from my resume below.

Continue reading “djitz Java Developer Resume”

Belajar Programming Sendiri Dalam Sepuluh Tahun

Bookshelf at NEU CCIS Lab
Bookshelf at NEU CCIS Lab by djitz!

oleh: Peter Norvig

(disadur dari Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years)

Mengapa semua orang terburu-buru?

Masuklah ke sebuah toko buku dan anda akan melihat buku mengenai bagaimana “Belajar Java dalam 7 Hari” dan banyak variasi lainnya yang menawarkan untuk mengajarkan Visual Basic, Windows, Internet, dan sebagainya dalam beberapa hari atau jam. Saya melakukan power search di

pubdate: after 1992 and title: days and (title: learn or title: teach yourself)

dan mendapatkan 248 hasil. 78 hasil pertama adalah buku komputer (no. 79 adalah “Belajar Bahasa Bengali dalam 30 hari“). Lalu saya mengganti “hari” dengan “jam” dan mendapatkan hasil yg luar biasa mirip: 253 buku, dengan 77 buku komputer dan diikuti dengan “Belajar Grammar dan Tata Bahasa dalam 24 jam” di nomor 78. Dari 200 hasil pertama, 96% adalah buku-buku komputer.

Kesimpulannya adalah entah orang-orang sekarang ini terburu-buru untuk belajar tentang komputer, atau komputer adalah hal yang sangat mudah dipelajari dari hal-hal lainnya. Tidak ada buku untuk belajar Beethoven, atau Fisika Kuantum, atau bahkan Melatih Anjing dalam beberapa hari. Dr. Felliesen et al. mengakui tren ini dalam buku mereka “Bagaimana Mendesign Program“, dimana mereka mengatakan “Memprogram dengan jelek sangat mudah. Orang-orang Idiot bisa mempelajarinya dalam 21 hari, bahkan walaupun mereka betul-betul bodoh.” Continue reading “Belajar Programming Sendiri Dalam Sepuluh Tahun”

How To Transform Oracle JDeveloper to TextMate

 JDev Textmate look
What is TextMate?

TextMate is a text editor software exclusive to Mac.

“.. TextMate has been referred to as the culmination of Emacs and OS X and has resulted in countless requests for both a Windows and Linux port, but TextMate remains exclusive for the Mac..”

It is the editor that David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of framework Ruby on Rails(RoR) use in his RoR video tutorials.

Maybe it’s a great editor I don’t know, cause I don’t have a Mac. Yet, I really love the syntax colors it uses on one of its theme. 😀 Continue reading “How To Transform Oracle JDeveloper to TextMate”

Hosting Providers Review

Server by BlaM4c @

Note: This post is in Bahasa Indonesia because it is targetted to those who seek hosting provider in Indonesia.

Mencari hosting memang bukan urusan yg susah, ada banyak sekali penyedia hosting sekarang ini. Iklan-iklan di internet penuh dengan tawaran-tawaran yg menyatakan bahwa hosting merekalah yang termurah.

Ya, memang hosting sekarang ini boleh dibilang sangat amat murah bila kita bisa menemukannya. Tapi apakah perbedaan hosting mahal dan hosting murah hanya terdapat di harganya? Atau adakah perbedaan lainnya?

Review ini ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman saya yg telah menggunakan tiga hosting provider yg berbeda sejak saya mulai blogging pada tahun 2006. Masing-masing hosting provider memiliki keunggulan dan kekurangan, dan tambahan informasi diperlukan untuk mendapatkan hosting yg kita perlukan sesuai kebutuhan kita. Continue reading “Hosting Providers Review”