One Very Simple Thing To Do To Have An Active Sabbath School Discussion

Boston Temple Church

Sabbath school (SS) teachers and leaders, you know what we afraid of most; a dull, boring SS discussion in which almost no one participates and you do all the talk.

The chance is even a lot higher when the lesson is doctrinal. 😐

We all think that there should be something that can be done to prevent this from happening, and thank God, there is. 🙂 Continue reading “One Very Simple Thing To Do To Have An Active Sabbath School Discussion”

10 Day Prayer and Fasting at Irving SDA Church

For those who have experienced the power of prayer, I believe you understand that there is no question that prayer makes us calm, connects us to our loving God, and makes things happen.

Fasting is usually accompanied our prayer when we are really determined and surrendered everything to His hand.

Starting last August 21, 2011, the Irving SDA church, the church that I attend every Sabbath here in Dallas, are having the 10 day prayer and fasting program.
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Youth Ministry Web Resources

(Note: This post was written by me two years ago for Youth Insight Resource magazine, but I think it’s still aplicable, *other than the Facebook part* :D)

In this web 2.0 era, collaboration is what makes the web interesting, and I believe the youth ministry can benefited much from it. Sometimes the best information doesn’t come from the article itself, but from the comments written by the article readers.

When it comes to a great youth ministry web resources, I primarily look for two things. First is the fresh activities ideas because this was what I, as a youth leader, was always constantly looking for. Second, is the stories and tips of other youth leader experience with their youth groups.

I scourge the web for different websites that can be useful for youth ministry and found the following websites worth mentioning. (Sorry guys, but Facebook does not belong to the list, at least not yet..). Continue reading “Youth Ministry Web Resources”

Three Seventh-Day Adventist Media iPhone Apps Review

SDA Media apps

Ever since I posted my blog post of “Five Free iPhone Apps for Seventh-Day Adventists”, I got a significant number of visitors to this blog from search engines. Though I don’t want to make a quick conclusion, it somehow means that there are a lot of SDA who are curious about what kind of apps related to the church are available in the iTunes store.

In this blog post I’m going to review three more SDA apps that are specifically related with the information media. Continue reading “Three Seventh-Day Adventist Media iPhone Apps Review”

Five Free iPhone Apps for Seventh-Day Adventists

SS Apps

If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, there are some apps you may want to have in your device. Although not all of these apps are created by SDA, but three of them are. It sort of surprise me because this time the church seems to adopt the hype of mobile application quickly. These apps also get updated quite often so far (and I hope they always will).

I only put three apps of the church that I used most, although there are more apps avaiable in the iTunes store.

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Four Sabbath School Video Discussion Resources

SDA SS Video Sites

It is really interesting to know that there are several video of Sabbath school discussions online now. Four years ago I only know Sabbath School University that I usually watch before I lead Sabbath school (SS) class discussion in my church.

Watching SS discussion online is helpful for SS leaders because this will help them to hear some of related discussion possibilities of the lesson, and also see how the other SS leaders lead a group discussion. I strongly suggest SS leaders (especially new leaders) to at least watch one of these videos prior to lead a SS group discussion.

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Tumoutou Kids ♥ Jesus

Tumoutou Kids Banner
Tumoutou Kids Banner

This is the banner design for Tumoutou Bekasi children Sabbath School. (Click image to see the full size image)

Design story

One time there was an idea to create a banner for the children Sabbath School, something that they can bring and show whenever they attend any occasion outside of church. The initial design was created by Venska Walean, a student in Powerpoints Sabbath School class, because I thought who knows what the children loves other than themselves. I also have seen so many drawings she made and I like the beautiful color she chose. Continue reading “Tumoutou Kids ♥ Jesus”

Adventist Church(es) in Bali Quick Guide

Picture of Gereja Advent Hang Tuah
Picture of Gereja Advent Hang Tuah

It’s been almost a year ago when I left Bali but I will never forget the experiences I had there. I remember clearly more than two years ago when I received a confirmation that I will be placed in Bali, I googled for Adventist churches available in Bali.

There is not so many Adventist church in Bali, there were four established churches and several study group as I left last February 2010.

The Adventist churches I know are:

1. Gereja Advent Denpasar
2. Gereja Advent Hang Tuah
3. Gereja Advent Nusa Dua
4. Gereja Advent Singaraja

From the four SDA churches, I managed to visit three of them during my entire 20 months in Bali. I didn’t have a chance to visit to Singaraja church, although it’s supposedly the nearest church from Bali Camp.

So the following are the churches I’ve visited. Continue reading “Adventist Church(es) in Bali Quick Guide”

What Facebook Can Do For Your Church (and What It Can Not..) – Part 1

Boston Temple SDA Church

Welcome to the social networking age! Oh yes, everything in the internet nowadays must carry that word ‘social’ or they will be so outdated, or so 2009 as they say it.. In recent years the internet has become so accessible to all people, people no longer need a computer to exist in the internet. They can make their presence by their cellular phones, be it the iPhone, Blackberry, or even any humble Nokia 1210 series.

It is no coincidence also that the biggest name in the social networking world now is.. yes, you know I was going to say it, Facebook! (Sorry Twitter..)

Facebook trend seems to sweep the whole world, more than anything ever in the world of internet. MySpace and Friendster are still there, kicking around, but everyday more and more are switching to Facebook because all of their friends did earlier.

I got to admit I was underestimating Facebook two years ago (that was 2008). I signed up because my friend already signed up to it. In 2009 I got more active in the Facebook, checking it everyday but never participate much. In 2010, I spent my time more in Facebook than checking my email. Continue reading “What Facebook Can Do For Your Church (and What It Can Not..) – Part 1”

Lagu Sion for Guitar Players

I remember a few years ago when I started playing guitar. I did what most new guitar learner do, I bought the popular Pop songs chord book and tried to play some of the songs. It was good, it taught me to practice guitar chords in fun way.

Then, I thought, why there is no chord book for the songs that we Seventh-Day Adventist always sing every Sabbath? Continue reading “Lagu Sion for Guitar Players”