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Answers to Candidate Key hard questions

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. Here are the answers for the two hard finding candidate keys examples: *Answer ————- 1. ABCDEF DF -> C BC -> F E -> A ABC -> E Steps: 1. Find the attributes that are not on both side

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What is Computer Science?

The misconception Probably the most common misconception about computer science is that people thought that the “computer” word in it is for “computer machines”, it’s NOT! I think the more appropriate name for the degree should be Computing Science. Why? Because although the field heavily

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Testing Automation Process and Tools

(creative photo by johnnyberg) As we’ve discuss in the previous post about testing in Agile software development environment, automation is a very important part to successfully to be agile. However, one doesn’t need to be familiar with Agile process at all to see the immediate

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trac Bug / Defect Tracking Software Review

trac is a very minimalistic defect tracking system that has been around since 2006 (six years ago). In internet years where software come and go in just 1-2 years, this is a very long time. Used by some of the big names such as NASA,

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Agile Testing

(illustration by Rybson) Agile, the hottest software development lifecycle (SDLC) nowadays, was initially used in small projects and considered not suitable for medium and large projects. But now large companies have picked up the trend and adopting it into their major projects. By now we’ve

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Validation in Pharma Industry

(photo by Danny de Bruyne) No, it’s not a typo, this time we’re talking about the validation, process, and quality assurance (QA) in pharmaceutical industry. Maybe I’m not be the best person to talk about it although I had some experience in medical technology and