Bose QuietComfort (QC) 20 Noise Cancelling Earphones

Last month, I travelled back to Indonesia after a few years here in US and I was looking for a good earphone to accompany me on my 33 hours one-way flight.

Naturally, noise cancelling earphone or headphone is the first thing that came to my mind, and what company have the best noise cancelling product other than Bose.

I was glad that Bose produced QC20 that promised all the noise cancelling goodness of their long reigning QC15 noise cancelling headphones, all in a a lot smaller (and definitely lighter) form.

I ordered QC20 and put it to the test. Here’s the review.  Continue reading “Bose QuietComfort (QC) 20 Noise Cancelling Earphones”

Create Android Apps Series: Best Cheap Android Phone for Development – Samsung R720 Vitality Phone (CDMA) Review

Samsung R720 Vitality Phone from Cricket

UPDATE: For more resources about how to develop Android apps, check my “Learning How to Create Android Apps Series“.

As I’m starting to get serious with Android app development, I realized that using the Android Virtual Device (AVD) is really not the way to go. Until now, it’s very slow to start (snapshot helped a bit), and it’s prone to problems.

I told myself that this can’t go on like this, and I should get myself an Android phone.

Why not use the Asus Transformer tablet I have? Because I’m still learning how to develop apps for phone screen size, not tablet. Besides, I need to test the apps I made in the Android Gingerbread, which is the most common Android version out there (58.6% distribution), while my Asus Transformer is installed with Ice Cream Sandwich already (1.0% distribution).

So the search for Android phone was on since last week. The problem is I already have a phone, and I don’t plan to shell out too much money for a new one, so I was looking for a non-contract Android phone.

Quick search on Amazon resulted some options, but in the end I bought this Samsung R720 Vitality CDMA Phone yesterday from BestBuy for $50, and it’s really a steal.

Check out my review below.

*Since this post is more about how the phone perform for developing apps, I will not review much about it’s other specifications. Continue reading “Create Android Apps Series: Best Cheap Android Phone for Development – Samsung R720 Vitality Phone (CDMA) Review”

Wacom Bamboo Capture Tablet Review / Buyer’s Guide

Wacom Bamboo Capture Tablet
I’m going to be honest with you, a Wacom tablet is one of my dream gadget of all time. Eversince I was in college, I always wanted to buy one. It wasn’t so cheap back then, and I wasn’t an art student so I couldn’t really justify the need to my parents.

Fast forward to 2012, finally I afford to get one, yey! 😀

Surely enough, it’s not the professional-grade Intuos series, I still can’t justify that one even until now. The one I bought is the middle model of the Wacom Bamboo tablets series, called Bamboo Create.

I’ve played around with the tablet for a few weeks, and I think it’s time to write a review. Continue reading “Wacom Bamboo Capture Tablet Review / Buyer’s Guide”

Asus Transformer Android Tablet (TF101) Review

Asus Transformer Android Tablet TF101

UPDATE: For more resources about how to develop Android apps, check my “Learning How to Create Android Apps Series“.

I’ve bought this tablet for more than two months but I just got a chance to review it, for some reason I don’t review gadget as fast as I used to. :p

But yeah, as tablets are getting more ubiquitous around us, I hope this review can help you to decide if Asus Transformer is the right tablet for you. Continue reading “Asus Transformer Android Tablet (TF101) Review”

Bose AE2i Headphones Review

Bose AE2i Headphone

Well well, just on my last day of work in my co-op semester, I found out that one of my office friend has the Bose AE2i headphone.

What a pleasant surprise, it’s about time for me to post another headphone review also before the year 2011 ends. So I immediately borrow the headphone and give it a quick test. So, does the sound quality justify the price tag? Let’s see.. Continue reading “Bose AE2i Headphones Review”

Altec Lansing VS2621 2.1 Speaker Review

Altec Lansing VS2621

After bunch of earphones, headphones, now is the time to review the Altec Lansing VS2621 that I bought last year’s black Friday sale.

To be honest with you all, I never planned to buy this speaker. I went to Staples to buy the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 that I’ve reviewed also in this blog. Then, I saw the speaker with a price that almost hard to resist. The next thing I know is, I’m carrying the speaker box out of the Staples. :p

I’ve used the speaker for more than four months now, and here I’m sharing the review of what I think about the speaker. Continue reading “Altec Lansing VS2621 2.1 Speaker Review”

Sony MDR-7506 Dynamic Stereo Headphones Review

Sony MDR7506 Headphone

My roommate bought another Sony headphone to replace his Sony MDR-NC6 headphone that I reviewed a few months ago. The Sony MDR-7506 looks a bit bigger and sturdier than the MDR-NC6. The other two things that interest me is the label ‘Professional’ it has on both headphone, and ‘Studio Monitor’ written on the over the head pad. This must be good.. 😀

Well, indeed it is, check out this following review: Continue reading “Sony MDR-7506 Dynamic Stereo Headphones Review”

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech M510 Mouse

When we talk about mouse, one of the most popular name that immediately comes to mind is Logitech. Initially I was thinking of buying Logitech V220 because I was really not looking for special mouse, I just need one for my laptop. However, last Black Friday 2010, Staples offered the mouse for only $15, only $3 more to the V220. There were also sale for Microsoft mice, but I like the Logitech M510 because it is a full size mouse.

I’ve now use the mouse for more than 3 months and here’s what I have to say about it.

Continue reading “Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse Review”

Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch Review (for Programmer)

Apple MacBook Pro

Just after I review the iPad 32 GB yesterday, a good friend of mine asked me to rather write review about my MacBook Pro. I’ve actually plan to write about it but I never had time, so maybe now it’s a good time.

I bought my MacBook Pro last August from Apple store in Boston, it was during a back to school promo period and tax-free day in Massachussetts. So I got $100 discount, a free iPod touch, free HP Wireless Printer Scanner, and no tax. Not bad eh..

I’m taking Master of Science in Computer Science, so most of the time I’m a programmer and let’s see if the Apple MacBook Pro can handle my demand from a laptop.

Continue reading “Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch Review (for Programmer)”