Motivation and Positive Thinking

Being Happy - Andrew Matthews


This might sound a bit weird for some of you, but ever since I was 10, I always like to read a self-help book. The first book I pick up was “Being Happy” by Andrew Matthews. I didn’t know it was called self-help book, actually I bought it because of the comic character on its cover.

It wasn’t the only book from Andrew that I bought, about one or two years later I bought his second book, “Making Friends“, and few years later I bought “Follow Your Heart” when I was in the Philippines.

Through the years, the list of self-help / motivation books I read keeps increasing, some that I can remember includes “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series, “The Secret“.

Honestly, I’m not a full positive thinker as I supposed to after reading these books. Probably because of my ‘realist’ nature.

However, if I started to connecting the dots (Steve Job isn’t the only one who can do that), I can see that these books indeed shaped the way I’m thinking now. Continue reading “Motivation and Positive Thinking”

What I Learn in Master of Computer Science (MSCS) Program at Northeastern University

Some of my friends are curious about what actually I learn on the Master of Computer Science program I’m taking now.

And although sometimes I post about some of the course lessons and notes on my blog, I think it’s a good idea if I write a central page that organized these posts and categorized them to the courses I took. These will also serve as notes both while I’m in the program, and someday when I completed the program.

The following are courses that I took, and I’m specializing in Database management, for a complete list of courses that the program offers, check the Northeastern MSCS program website. Continue reading “What I Learn in Master of Computer Science (MSCS) Program at Northeastern University”

American Airlines ADEPT 2011 Program Experience

American Airlines ADEPT

Last June 2011 I started my 6-months internship (co-op) in American Airlines (AA) headquerters in Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas. I’m so blessed to be part of the ADEPT 2011 program.

ADEPT stands for American Airlines Development Program for Technology, it is a two-year program designed to develop new hires for AA Information Technology Services (ITS). It was first started in 2006. The ADEPT members are recruited from different universities, in the 2011 class we had members from UT-Austin, UT-Arlington, UT-PanAm, Texas A&M, LSU, OU, etc.

So technically, I’m not a full ADEPT 2011 class member because I’m just having 6-month internship. But… for the whole six months I have been engaged in most of the courses, trainings, and programs they have, and that’s sweeet!

The purpose of this post is to give a picture of the ADEPT program from my perspective (co-op student from Northeastern University). 😀 Continue reading “American Airlines ADEPT 2011 Program Experience”

10 Day Prayer and Fasting at Irving SDA Church

For those who have experienced the power of prayer, I believe you understand that there is no question that prayer makes us calm, connects us to our loving God, and makes things happen.

Fasting is usually accompanied our prayer when we are really determined and surrendered everything to His hand.

Starting last August 21, 2011, the Irving SDA church, the church that I attend every Sabbath here in Dallas, are having the 10 day prayer and fasting program.
Continue reading “10 Day Prayer and Fasting at Irving SDA Church”

Texas Driver License Test (Written and Road Test) Guide

Yup, just got my Texas Driver License this week after practicing to drive here in US for two weeks. Getting the Driver License in Texas is not that hard but don’t take it for granted too, you must make sure you give some effort to read the Texas Driver License Handbook and practice a lot driving in the road.

So what does it take to have a Texas drivers license?

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djitz Java Developer Resume

Hi all, for the whole fall semester I attended a Cooperative Education Seminars classes in my university and I’ve received a lot of useful lessons about writing a good resume. The Professor always says that your resume is the your first representation so you want to make a really good one to make sure you will get called for interview.

In my last three year experiences I mostly worked as Java developer, especially Java web application developer as you can see from my resume below.

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Adventist Church(es) in Bali Quick Guide

Picture of Gereja Advent Hang Tuah
Picture of Gereja Advent Hang Tuah

It’s been almost a year ago when I left Bali but I will never forget the experiences I had there. I remember clearly more than two years ago when I received a confirmation that I will be placed in Bali, I googled for Adventist churches available in Bali.

There is not so many Adventist church in Bali, there were four established churches and several study group as I left last February 2010.

The Adventist churches I know are:

1. Gereja Advent Denpasar
2. Gereja Advent Hang Tuah
3. Gereja Advent Nusa Dua
4. Gereja Advent Singaraja

From the four SDA churches, I managed to visit three of them during my entire 20 months in Bali. I didn’t have a chance to visit to Singaraja church, although it’s supposedly the nearest church from Bali Camp.

So the following are the churches I’ve visited. Continue reading “Adventist Church(es) in Bali Quick Guide”

Bali Camp Short Movie 2008

BC Short Movie 2008

Two years ago, when I was still working in Bali Camp, I bought a cotton mask from a mountaineering store in Denpasar. It looks like the mask that the terrorists in Counter Strike game wear.

So the evening after I bought the mask, I tried to wear it and took several pictures using my laptop cam. Then I noticed this would be more cool if I have a hostage too. So I called Ardie, my friend, to be so kind to be the hostage. Continue reading “Bali Camp Short Movie 2008”

Bali Camp Bloody Pool Ritual

Falling Style 07

When you live secluded from the city, your wild animal instincts appear. The people in Bali Camp Pacung, living far from Denpasar, in a midst of wild green lushes of Bali, up in the mountains, have developed a very merciless form of entertainment.

It is a ritual where very few people can escape and the number of victim keeps rising.

Whenever the ritual is initiated, the harmless people you see in Bali Camp will turn to possessed-blood-thirsty executors who will not stop running and chasing until they catch their prey and execute them.

No one can stop them, so it is safe to keep distance when the ritual is happening. Some courageous (or naive) people managed to take shots of the ritual, but who knows what happened to them when the executors saw them.

Dedicated to the victims and photographers-turned-victims, I present to you the collection of Bali Camp Pool Execution Ritual.

*Some of the content contain violent graphics and are unsuitable for children.

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Journey To The West Bali (Gilimanuk and Menjangan)

 Bali Barat Spotlights

Though not as famous as the other part of Bali, the west side of Bali has a lot of things you can’t find in other side of Bali. Last week, me and other 19 of my work colleagues decided to explore this side for two days and we can’t be happier during the journey.

We started from Denpasar, visited Bunut Bolong (Pekutatan), stopped at Pura Rambut Siwi, stayed at Gilimanuk, snorkled and get sunburned at Menjangan Island, slapped by Ayam Betutu of Men Tempeh, and went back to Denpasar.

Want more of the details, read on… Continue reading “Journey To The West Bali (Gilimanuk and Menjangan)”