Quip – Productivity Tools Review

Quip on different screens
Quip on different screens

I love productivity tools!

And there seems to be endless options of tools available online now. Some tools able to stay alive (Evernote, Wunderlist-now owned by Microsoft) some others are not so lucky (Springpad, Astrid).

Now I’m using one of the new tool called Quip, and I like it! Continue reading “Quip – Productivity Tools Review”

Create Android Apps Series: Best Cheap Android Phone for Development – Samsung R720 Vitality Phone (CDMA) Review

Samsung R720 Vitality Phone from Cricket

UPDATE: For more resources about how to develop Android apps, check my “Learning How to Create Android Apps Series“.

As I’m starting to get serious with Android app development, I realized that using the Android Virtual Device (AVD) is really not the way to go. Until now, it’s very slow to start (snapshot helped a bit), and it’s prone to problems.

I told myself that this can’t go on like this, and I should get myself an Android phone.

Why not use the Asus Transformer tablet I have? Because I’m still learning how to develop apps for phone screen size, not tablet. Besides, I need to test the apps I made in the Android Gingerbread, which is the most common Android version out there (58.6% distribution), while my Asus Transformer is installed with Ice Cream Sandwich already (1.0% distribution).

So the search for Android phone was on since last week. The problem is I already have a phone, and I don’t plan to shell out too much money for a new one, so I was looking for a non-contract Android phone.

Quick search on Amazon resulted some options, but in the end I bought this Samsung R720 Vitality CDMA Phone yesterday from BestBuy for $50, and it’s really a steal.

Check out my review below.

*Since this post is more about how the phone perform for developing apps, I will not review much about it’s other specifications. Continue reading “Create Android Apps Series: Best Cheap Android Phone for Development – Samsung R720 Vitality Phone (CDMA) Review”

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Three Years After

Who doesn’t know the Rich Dad Poor Dad book?
It’s certainly one of the best selling book that people know that popularize the word “financial freedom” and ignite the motivation to have business to more people than ever before.

I’m certainly one of the book’s “victim”. I changed my mind from taking Medical School in 2005 and thought to rather have my own business.

I’ve heard other authors wrote that Rich Dad Poor Dad is a fiction story that Robert Kiyosaki made up, and said that Robert is actually a liar.

But is it? Did Robert really make up the story about his amazing Rich Dad, and so all of the book content is nothing but a big lie?

I tried to re read the book again after the last time I read it three years ago. For three years I mainly worked as an employee, tried to have a join business with a partner which failed just after two months, and listen to many entrepreneurs about their view about business.

The book still sounds as good as it did three years ago. Better yet, this time I understood better the message that Robert said. So once again, is the Rich Dad Poor Dad a big lie? Continue reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad, Three Years After”

Nokia 2610 Review

I bought my Nokia 2610 one month ago when my co-worker offered me to buy it from him. He actually offered me two kind of cellphone, Nokia 1600 and Nokia 2610. As always before I bought something, I make a quick check about what people say about these two phones in the internet.

The problem with most of the review websites is they tend to give high scores on most of the products they tested. I know we should look on the positive side of everything. But when it comes to product review, the negative side is the most determining factor here. So every review that I read mentioned that both cellphones are good. Now, I should trust my instinct, and I hope it’s working…

One problem that I have, my co-worker did not allow me to open the phone package box to see which one looks better. “Ah… allright! I take the Nokia 2610!” I told him.

I chose the Nokia 2601 for two main reasons. First, it has larger screen size and resolution than the Nokia 1600, and everybody love a bigger screen. Second, it is the higher series, it must be better than Nokia 1600 somewhere else beside its screen. And at only around $10 more expensive, the price is still good.

After one month of use, here is my review about the phone: Continue reading “Nokia 2610 Review”

The Search for Lightest Antivirus

You know what, recently I notice that one cause of a slow PC performance is none other than the antivirus program itself. The problem is we also cannot live without one now (allright, maybe I’m too exaggerating here..) in this internet world, where we are constantly connected to possible threats.

I guess this is one of the reason why Unix machines are more stable and fast. They don’t need antivirus that consume much of the PC memory like the one we have in Windows.

I thought that I might migrate to Linux for this reason, but I can’t do that since I still need 90% of the Windows applications that I use now. So I can’t leave Windows just yet, but how can I remove the antivirus without making me in great danger?

So, that’s where the idea comes to find the lightest antivirus, or to be more accurate, what antivirus that consume less PC resources (CPU and Memory)?

I tried googling for that keyword “lightest antivirus” and found several forum discussions that have people’s opinions about their thought about it.

Most of the people said that the lightest antivirus around is Nod32. But I still look around and tested other antivirus as well.

– Nod32 — http://www.eset.com/products/windows.php
– Kaspersky 6 — http://www.kaspersky.com/kaspersky_anti-virus
– AVG Free Edition — http://free.grisoft.com/
– Avast! — http://www.avast.com
– Antivir PersonalEdition Classic — http://www.free-av.com/

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