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Quip – Productivity Tools Review

I love productivity tools! And there seems to be endless options of tools available online now. Some tools able to stay alive (Evernote, Wunderlist-now owned by Microsoft) some others are not so lucky (Springpad, Astrid). Now I’m using one of the new tool called Quip,

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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Three Years After

Who doesn’t know the Rich Dad Poor Dad book? It’s certainly one of the best selling book that people know that popularize the word “financial freedom” and ignite the motivation to have business to more people than ever before. I’m certainly one of the book’s

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Nokia 2610 Review

I bought my Nokia 2610 one month ago when my co-worker offered me to buy it from him. He actually offered me two kind of cellphone, Nokia 1600 and Nokia 2610. As always before I bought something, I make a quick check about what people

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The Search for Lightest Antivirus

You know what, recently I notice that one cause of a slow PC performance is none other than the antivirus program itself. The problem is we also cannot live without one now (allright, maybe I’m too exaggerating here..) in this internet world, where we are