Youth Ministry Web Resources

(Note: This post was written by me two years ago for Youth Insight Resource magazine, but I think it’s still aplicable, *other than the Facebook part* :D)

In this web 2.0 era, collaboration is what makes the web interesting, and I believe the youth ministry can benefited much from it. Sometimes the best information doesn’t come from the article itself, but from the comments written by the article readers.

When it comes to a great youth ministry web resources, I primarily look for two things. First is the fresh activities ideas because this was what I, as a youth leader, was always constantly looking for. Second, is the stories and tips of other youth leader experience with their youth groups.

I scourge the web for different websites that can be useful for youth ministry and found the following websites worth mentioning. (Sorry guys, but Facebook does not belong to the list, at least not yet..). Continue reading “Youth Ministry Web Resources”

Four Sabbath School Video Discussion Resources

SDA SS Video Sites

It is really interesting to know that there are several video of Sabbath school discussions online now. Four years ago I only know Sabbath School University that I usually watch before I lead Sabbath school (SS) class discussion in my church.

Watching SS discussion online is helpful for SS leaders because this will help them to hear some of related discussion possibilities of the lesson, and also see how the other SS leaders lead a group discussion. I strongly suggest SS leaders (especially new leaders) to at least watch one of these videos prior to lead a SS group discussion.

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What Facebook Can Do For Your Church (and What It Can Not..) – Part 1

Boston Temple SDA Church

Welcome to the social networking age! Oh yes, everything in the internet nowadays must carry that word ‘social’ or they will be so outdated, or so 2009 as they say it.. In recent years the internet has become so accessible to all people, people no longer need a computer to exist in the internet. They can make their presence by their cellular phones, be it the iPhone, Blackberry, or even any humble Nokia 1210 series.

It is no coincidence also that the biggest name in the social networking world now is.. yes, you know I was going to say it, Facebook! (Sorry Twitter..)

Facebook trend seems to sweep the whole world, more than anything ever in the world of internet. MySpace and Friendster are still there, kicking around, but everyday more and more are switching to Facebook because all of their friends did earlier.

I got to admit I was underestimating Facebook two years ago (that was 2008). I signed up because my friend already signed up to it. In 2009 I got more active in the Facebook, checking it everyday but never participate much. In 2010, I spent my time more in Facebook than checking my email. Continue reading “What Facebook Can Do For Your Church (and What It Can Not..) – Part 1”

Lessons Learned as Adventist Youth Leader: Mistakes and Wisdoms

flickr picture by IASD Central Porto Alegre

photo by Rafael Fischer (

AY Department is probably one of the most important department in a church because it prepares the next generation for their responsibilities to God and fellow men. Unfortunately in most churches it is also probably the department that has least attention.

I’ve had a year experience as my church Adventist Youth (AY) Leader. The church was a petite one, with only more or less 10 youth in total. However, the lessons that I learned I believe are quite fundamental and exist in other churches as well.

In this post I want to share some of the lessons that I have the great opportunity to learn during my AY leadership term. Continue reading “Lessons Learned as Adventist Youth Leader: Mistakes and Wisdoms”