Performance Testing: Definitions, Tools, and Challenges

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Testing whether the system can do the expected functions specified in the requirements is one thing, there other thing is to test how well the system is doing it.

It doesn’t make sense if a system can perfectly do its functions, but only when one person is using it and as soon as the second user is logged in, the system stops. Or in case of a single-user desktop application, the application works fine processing ten items, but crashes when processing 100 items.

So the topic for this blog post is quality of service testing, also called non-functional requirement testing, and in particular we’ll take a look at the performance, load, and stress testing. Continue reading “Performance Testing: Definitions, Tools, and Challenges”

Software Testing: Standards, Certifications, and Resources

Software Testing – UTest Promotional Video

Not long ago I thought software testing is simple. Write good unit tests, make sure we catch the normal case, extreme case, and null case for some methods. Job done!

However, as the complexity of software increases, a better and better software test process must be made to ensure that the solution meets the requirements. This is even more true in the case of critical systems such as those in use in medical, financial, and defense systems.

In this blog post, I write some of the standards, certifications, and online resources in the field of software testing. Continue reading “Software Testing: Standards, Certifications, and Resources”

Java Technical Interview Review Resources

If you’re going to have technical interview soon for Java developer position, you might want to brush up some of your knowledge about Java basics, JEE, and other Java related technologies. I found the following free resources can be a good help. 🙂 Continue reading “Java Technical Interview Review Resources”

Managing Software Development Course Notes and Outline

Course term: Spring 2012
Website: Official course website.
Course Professor: Prof. Ken Backlawski
Textbook: Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML, Patterns, and Java (3rd Edition)

Continue reading “Managing Software Development Course Notes and Outline”

Starting a Java Project with Maven – Step by step Guide for Mac

Apache Maven Logo

Thanks to my friend, Gandos, he got me interested to use Maven after I read his blog post (It’s in Indonesian). After consulting to another friend, I think it’s a good idea to use Maven for the LabGence project.

The idea is also influenced from this question that I have, “What is the best practice to upload an open-source project?” and “What files that I should and probably shouldn’t upload?”.

I believe Maven can standardize the issue of libraries needed by the project, and also the build script needed. So I decided to give it a try.

Fortunately I found the best and brief introduction tutorial to Maven on, you might want to check it out.

I also created the following step by step notes for Mac OSX (which might be applicable also to Linux and other Unix OS). Continue reading “Starting a Java Project with Maven – Step by step Guide for Mac”

Write JavaDoc in an Instant (Part 1) – Templates for Methods

Write JavaDoc Example

We all love good and commented codes, but most of us either don’t know how to write a good comment for our codes, or just plain lazy to write one.

In Java, JavaDoc is pretty much the industry standard when it comes to auto-generated code tool. And as a strong believer of good software development practice, I always put comments on my code.

To save time, I created this template for methods so I can always refresh myself about how to write a good JavaDoc for my code. These codes are taken from the Java SDK source codes, so talk about how the creator of the Java write their comments (no one can be more expert than them I suppose). Continue reading “Write JavaDoc in an Instant (Part 1) – Templates for Methods”

How to Install Eclipse ADT, Android SDK, and setup AVD Emulator

Android Honeycomb 3.1
The Android Honeycomb

UPDATE: For more resources about how to develop Android apps, check my “Learning How to Create Android Apps Series“.

A couple of weeks ago I was so fortunate to get the opportunity working with the Android SDK development in my job (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 :)).

Compared with Android mobile app development using the Adobe Flex 4.5, the Android SDK may be a bit more tricky to do, so to document my experience I created this blog post (and maybe some more posts in the future).

To start developing Android apps, we need to install the Eclipse ADT, Android SDK (obviously..), and setup the AVD. Continue reading “How to Install Eclipse ADT, Android SDK, and setup AVD Emulator”

Learning Agile (Scrum) Video Tutorials by Rally Software

For the past week, I’ve really into Agile software development practices, especially Scrum.

So far, to learn more about Scrum, I’ve read the Scrum Primer (which I believe is still the very best brief introduction to the Scrum world), Do Better Scrum, and What Every Product Owner Should Know. If you’re interested, you might check them out. Continue reading “Learning Agile (Scrum) Video Tutorials by Rally Software”

Career as Administrator vs Programmer

O’Reilly Books by mightyohm

I remember almost a year ago I googled for article about this. I’ve been a system and network administrator for more than two years in medium sized company, dealing with Windows Servers, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Firewall, and VMWares.

Then, for an unknown crazy reason I applied for a programmer position in one of the biggest software house in Indonesia. I was accepted and suddenly had a dillemma of choosing to stay as an administrator or to shift career as programmer.

Being a good information age generation, I looked for what other people’s opinion in online forums. Some are pros for career in sys and network administration, and some others are pros for career in software development.

To be honest, they made me even more confused. But I finally made my choice.

Now after 8 months of work as Java EE programmer, I want to share about what I know about these two IT careers. Please note that I don’t think one is superior than another although during this article I may be a bit inclined to software development career. Continue reading “Career as Administrator vs Programmer”