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Little Martin LXM Guitar Review

The Little Martin LXM is a travel guitar that is about 3/4 size of a full size guitar. My roommate has it and he said he hasn’t play with it for a while, but it looks like a perfect guitar to review in my blog.

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Voyage Air Guitar VAD-06 Review

After only four months living in US without a guitar, I wasn’t able to take it anymore and I looked for a guitar. However, one basic problem, having a guitar will add to my problem whenever I need to move. So I was thinking to

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Martin DCX1E Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Back in Indonesia, Yamaha seems to dominate the acoustic guitar market since it also has a manufacturing line in Indonesia. But in USA, when it comes to acoustic guitar, one USA brand dominates the market and it’s name is Martin. Although there are definitely Martin

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Yamaha Grand Concert GC-20A Guitar Review

(*this blog post was written in paper on December 2010) Happy holidays for all of you and I hope you are having good time with your family at this time of the year, just as me and my family are having good vacation in California