Java Technical Interview Review Resources

If you’re going to have technical interview soon for Java developer position, you might want to brush up some of your knowledge about Java basics, JEE, and other Java related technologies. I found the following free resources can be a good help. 🙂 Continue reading “Java Technical Interview Review Resources”

Write JavaDoc in an Instant (Part 1) – Templates for Methods

Write JavaDoc Example

We all love good and commented codes, but most of us either don’t know how to write a good comment for our codes, or just plain lazy to write one.

In Java, JavaDoc is pretty much the industry standard when it comes to auto-generated code tool. And as a strong believer of good software development practice, I always put comments on my code.

To save time, I created this template for methods so I can always refresh myself about how to write a good JavaDoc for my code. These codes are taken from the Java SDK source codes, so talk about how the creator of the Java write their comments (no one can be more expert than them I suppose). Continue reading “Write JavaDoc in an Instant (Part 1) – Templates for Methods”

Java Certification Dojo – The BlackBeltFactory way (Review)


Think of proving your knowledge in programming Java?

BlackBeltFactory has an interesting concept of using belt system common in martial arts to the Java (and other programming language too) certification system. Unlike other certification, the questions are created and reviewed by its members, this ensures a wide variety of question, certainly a good example of crowdsourcing.

I found the website just recently and registered to start my journey to be a black belt, and here’s my profile.

So far, here is what I think about the website:


  • Taking tests are free
  • Exclusivity and Pride (to be a black belt one must pass a lot of exam)
  • Practical knowledge tests (includes Spring, Hibernate, and XML)
  • Constantly growing courses and exams (crowdsourcing)


  • Not all courses are free (well, maybe it’s not really bad anyway if we want quality)

Anyway, go ahead and check BlackBeltFactory website and register yourself to start your journey to be a black belt in Java (literally). 😀

Getting Started using Apache OpenJPA

Few weeks ago we were required to learn an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) concept in our Introduction to Database Management System course. The ORM our professor wanted us to use is Apache OpenJPA. Not really sure what was the reason he chose Apache OpenJPA over JBoss Hibernate that is more commonly used in the industry.

Although both Hibernate and OpenJPA are JPA compliant, which means that they follow the JPA standards that were set by Java, tutorials and discussion of OpenJPA is a lot fewer than of Hibernate. This means that whenever we encounter trouble with OpenJPA, the answer is not always there.

What makes it even a bit worse is that even getting started with OpenJPA is not that easy. So just in case any of you have problem with it. This is my notes and tutorial of how to kickstart using OpenJPA with Eclipse.

Continue reading “Getting Started using Apache OpenJPA”