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Testing Automation Process and Tools

(creative photo by johnnyberg) As we’ve discuss in the previous post about testing in Agile software development environment, automation is a very important part to successfully to be agile. However, one doesn’t need to be familiar with Agile process at all to see the immediate

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Agile Testing

(illustration by Rybson) Agile, the hottest software development lifecycle (SDLC) nowadays, was initially used in small projects and considered not suitable for medium and large projects. But now large companies have picked up the trend and adopting it into their major projects. By now we’ve

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Validation in Pharma Industry

(photo by Danny de Bruyne) No, it’s not a typo, this time we’re talking about the validation, process, and quality assurance (QA) in pharmaceutical industry. Maybe I’m not be the best person to talk about it although I had some experience in medical technology and

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Can We Write Good Quality Software Faster?

(photo by kakaopor) Steve from wrote an interesting article that discuss about the internal and external software quality. He defines external quality as the software’s presentation and behavior from a user or customer’s perspective, such as, bugs, UI, input validations, etc. While internal quality