Motivation for Entrepreneur Series: Interview with Envato Founders Collis and Cyan Ta’eed

Motivation is one very crucial thing that every entrepreneur need to have everyday. Although I’m not a full-time technopreneur yet, reading how other entrepreneurs’ experience and success stories recharge my entrepreneur spirit back, especially when things aren’t going as expected.

Envato is founded by Collis and Cyan Ta’eed. Although maybe you aren’t familiar with its name, it is the company behind some famous websites such as Psdtuts+, FreelanceSwitch, and ThemeForest.

It was founded in 2006 in Melbourne and have grown to be one of the authoritative website in design and web development tutorial field.

In this interview, Collis and Cyan tells their story when they’re starting the company, and some of the difficulties and experience they encounter along the way.

A must watch video for technopreneurs! 🙂

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The Myth of Being The First With Genius Idea

Apple HQ at Cupertino

Probably all of us have heard that to be successful in business, you’ve gotta be the first one who come up with a brilliant idea, and that there is no room for the second, third, and the rest.

I should say that this is foolish!

Let’s say that you are in college now and, for simplicity, you’re planning to continue to medical school. Then I come to you and tell you that there are already hundreds of thousands of doctors out there, and thus you would never make any money.

Naturally you will say that I’m nuts.. and for a good reason.  Continue reading “The Myth of Being The First With Genius Idea”