The Myth of Being The First With Genius Idea

Apple HQ at Cupertino

Probably all of us have heard that to be successful in business, you’ve gotta be the first one who come up with a brilliant idea, and that there is no room for the second, third, and the rest.

I should say that this is foolish!

Let’s say that you are in college now and, for simplicity, you’re planning to continue to medical school. Then I come to you and tell you that there are already hundreds of thousands of doctors out there, and thus you would never make any money.

Naturally you will say that I’m nuts.. and for a good reason.  Continue reading “The Myth of Being The First With Genius Idea”

Motivation and Positive Thinking

Being Happy - Andrew Matthews


This might sound a bit weird for some of you, but ever since I was 10, I always like to read a self-help book. The first book I pick up was “Being Happy” by Andrew Matthews. I didn’t know it was called self-help book, actually I bought it because of the comic character on its cover.

It wasn’t the only book from Andrew that I bought, about one or two years later I bought his second book, “Making Friends“, and few years later I bought “Follow Your Heart” when I was in the Philippines.

Through the years, the list of self-help / motivation books I read keeps increasing, some that I can remember includes “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series, “The Secret“.

Honestly, I’m not a full positive thinker as I supposed to after reading these books. Probably because of my ‘realist’ nature.

However, if I started to connecting the dots (Steve Job isn’t the only one who can do that), I can see that these books indeed shaped the way I’m thinking now. Continue reading “Motivation and Positive Thinking”