Rich Dad Poor Dad, Three Years After

Who doesn’t know the Rich Dad Poor Dad book?
It’s certainly one of the best selling book that people know that popularize the word “financial freedom” and ignite the motivation to have business to more people than ever before.

I’m certainly one of the book’s “victim”. I changed my mind from taking Medical School in 2005 and thought to rather have my own business.

I’ve heard other authors wrote that Rich Dad Poor Dad is a fiction story that Robert Kiyosaki made up, and said that Robert is actually a liar.

But is it? Did Robert really make up the story about his amazing Rich Dad, and so all of the book content is nothing but a big lie?

I tried to re read the book again after the last time I read it three years ago. For three years I mainly worked as an employee, tried to have a join business with a partner which failed just after two months, and listen to many entrepreneurs about their view about business.

The book still sounds as good as it did three years ago. Better yet, this time I understood better the message that Robert said. So once again, is the Rich Dad Poor Dad a big lie? Continue reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad, Three Years After”