One Month Work Experience at Balicamp

I’m not sure how you get interested to read this post. Maybe you are going to have interview at Balicamp and you are googling for information about the work environment in the company. Or maybe you are just interested about the company itself.

Whatever it is, I hope you find this post interesting and informative as I, myself, never found any blog post in the net that describe the work experience at Balicamp, one of the most known software developer house in Indonesia.


Just get straight to the most important point, what is the workhour here in Balicamp?

Officially it’s 8.30 to 5.30 just as most regular office hour is…

But since we know that reality bites and life sucks, the “unofficial” workhour in the office is actually unlimited. For most of my first month here in the company, my worktime has changed to 8:00 to 9:30.

I think that won’t be a surprise for those of you who already know how work really is in a software house.

We have a joke that once you signed the work contract, you are actually have sold your soul to the company, just like in the movies where someone signed a contract with the devil who laugh loudly, “Bwahahaha…!”


Another most important point, how’s the workload at Balicamp? Hmm.. The answer actually depends on how do you perceive the workload.

Though in simple English word it’s simply called “endless”.

I think it is the common thing in a service company. There are many work to be done by so little resources in so little time.


Hmm, the most crucial part of a job and probably the most determining factor before someone signed a work contract, the salary.

Ok, I don’t know what will the company done to me once they know about this part of the post. I think I’m risking my life here..

Well, I’m not gonna post my salary nor will tell you about the salary range in Balicamp. For me it’s just enough for me, can’t say it’s one of the best though. But like most of the employees in the company, I’m after the knowledge and experience at this point so salary isn’t the issue.

I always think that I’m actually enrolled in a great software course here in Balicamp. When I think such then I will rather feel lucky because instead me who need to pay for the education fee, the course provider is the one who paid me.


Maybe some of the words I used here is to exaggerated in some ways. I also may not be much knowledgable to write a more accurate post about Balicamp because so far I have only work for 5 weeks in the company.

Anyway, the post certainly reflects the things that I’ve experienced so far. So just see it as another viewpoint of work environment Balicamp seen from a junior programmer.

So should you think about working here in Balicamp? Well, by all means please do so because it will be one of the best experience you have in life. Unless of course you have better option…

Lost an opportunity to get an easy $50

OMG! How could I lost the opportunity to get $50 for just writing 5 blog posts? (Ouch!)

Well, just today my friend who worked in a marketing research company asked me to be the respondent for a research. What was the research about? I don’t really know is it about, but he was looking for several bloggers who are willing to write posts with certain topic.

The requirement was so simple, male or female blogger (22-24 years old) of any religion but not fanatic, not gay, and in or have been involved in relationship with opposite sex.

What the best point? Each blogger will be required to write five posts and will get paid $10 for each post. Now won’t that be totally an easy $50..?

So how could I lost such wonderful opportunity? Well, simply because I write too much technical reviews and gadgets rather than social issues. OMG!!! It’s like I almost cried when my friend told me the reason… (Huaaa!)

Well, maybe it’s really not my luck this time. But it reminded me to write more posts about social life around me and prove to the world, “Hey, I’m not that anti-social…!” (or maybe sometimes..)