Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Developer Certification Study Guide – Metrics

PCF Developer Certification Review - Metrics
PCF Developer Certification Review – Metrics

 What is “PCF Metrics”?

PCF Metrics is a graphical tool provided by Pivotal Cloud Foundry that stores logs, metrics data, and event data from apps running on PCF for the past two weeks. It provides charts and graphics of the data to help operators and developers better understand the health and performance of their apps.

To access it, there are two ways:

Approach 1

https://metrics.run.pivotal.io landing page
https://metrics.run.pivotal.io landing page

Go to https://metrics.run.pivotal.io/ and select application to open its metrics view, or

Approach 2

Link to PCF Metrics from Apps Overview on Apps Manager
Link to PCF Metrics from Apps Overview on Apps Manager

Open PCF app Overview on PCF Apps Manager and click on “View in PCF Metrics” link.

What information does it provide?

PCF Metrics Charts
PCF Metrics Charts

Container metrics:

  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Disk usage

Network metrics:

  • Requests
  • HTTP errors
  • Response times

App Events:

Update, Start, Stop, Crash, SSH, Staging failure

Search, filter, and download App logs

Trace Explorer:
Traces of a request flows

Do you understand how to use the metrics to spot a badly performing application? For example: CPU or memory usage?

Container Metrics
Network Metrics


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