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How to Backup Outlook Emails to

(photo by Kimberly Vohsen )

One of the most common problems with work email is full inbox and having no more space, especially when you need to send that very important email to your boss or client.

But, you can always archive your emails to Outlook archive file. That’s what I do to keep the inbox size below the limit.

Archiving them to files on your local drive may not be a good option.

First, that archive file can get corrupted.

Second, your laptop can get stolen, lost, or broken.

All of these can mean you will lose those emails.. forever.

Ideally you need to backup your email to cloud and fortunately there are several options. You can backup to Gmail, and Outlook. I decided to put my (almost dormant) Outlook account to use.


(For Outlook 2010 and older*)
1. Download and Install Outlook Hotmail Connector
For 32-bit version
64-bit version

*Check your Outlook version
– Click File > Help

2. After installing the connector, restart your Outlook client.

3. It will automatically ask your Hotmail email information (although it says Hotmail, this works with new

4. Put in your account and password.
*After you click OK to proceed, Outlook application might be unresponsive. Don’t worry, just wait for it.

5. If it’s successful, you’ll see your email inbox in Outlook client.

6. Create folders for archive.
*Outlook client doesn’t support creating subfolders for account, To create subfolders, login to and create them from the web.

7. Move emails to be archived to’s folders.

8. Click F9 to Sync (Send/Receive All Folders) and check all the emails copied to

9. Enjoy your free (almost) unlimited online archive. 🙂

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