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Texas Drivers License Test Questions and Answers (Part 3 of 8)


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UPDATE: If you are going to take Texas Driver License test soon, you may want to check the Texas Driver License Test Resource page.

4 thoughts on “Texas Drivers License Test Questions and Answers (Part 3 of 8)”

  1. kaja660 says:

    What is the state spped limit for automobiles in urban districts?

    answer 30 mph

    1. Trijito Santoso says:

      @kaja660, yes it is fixed now! 🙂

  2. Epie Njumbe says:

    The correct answer to question 7 of part 3 of 8 is 30MPH (c). See page 8-1 of the drivers manual.

    1. Trijito Santoso says:

      @Epie, thank you for the correction, it is fixed now. 🙂

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