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Write JavaDoc in an Instant (Part 1) – Templates for Methods

Write JavaDoc Example

We all love good and commented codes, but most of us either don’t know how to write a good comment for our codes, or just plain lazy to write one.

In Java, JavaDoc is pretty much the industry standard when it comes to auto-generated code tool. And as a strong believer of good software development practice, I always put comments on my code.

To save time, I created this template for methods so I can always refresh myself about how to write a good JavaDoc for my code. These codes are taken from the Java SDK source codes, so talk about how the creator of the Java write their comments (no one can be more expert than them I suppose).

*The template below is a slide presentation in Google Docs, to see the code expand its view to full screen, or you can download it as PDF or PPTX.

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