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Java Reflection Notes – getDeclaredAnnotations vs getAnnotations method

This is just going to be a very short notes about difference between the getDeclaredAnnotations and getAnnotations method of Java java.lang.Class class.

I was googling for the answer but didn’t immediately got any article that explains it, so I thought why I not create it myself.

So what is the difference:

In short:

– getAnnotations basically gets all annotations that are also inherited from the parent class.

– getDeclaredAnnotations gets annotations declared ONLY on the class

If you rather believe what the code says rather than me, here’s the code:

public class CheckTest {

public @interface CustomAnnotation{
String value();

public static class Parent{


public static class Child extends Parent{


* @param args
public static void main(String[] args) {

Parent parent = new Parent();
Child child = new Child();

System.out.println(“Parent class:”);
System.out.println(” getDeclaredAnnotations: ” +
System.out.println(” getAnnotations: ” +
parent.getClass().getAnnotations().length + “\n”);

System.out.println(“Child class:”);
System.out.println(” getDeclaredAnnotations: ” +
System.out.println(” getAnnotations: ” +


The output result is:

Parent class:
getDeclaredAnnotations: 1
getAnnotations: 1

Child class:
getDeclaredAnnotations: 0
getAnnotations: 1

Notice that the Child getAnnotations array length is 0, because by itself the Child class doesn’t has annotations. 😀

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