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Java Technical Interview Review Resources

If you’re going to have technical interview soon for Java developer position, you might want to brush up some of your knowledge about Java basics, JEE, and other Java related technologies. I found the following free resources can be a good help. 🙂

1. 400+ Java Interview Questions and Answers blog

This is a blog by Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai, a Java consultant living in Australia (according to his Google+ profile). His blog really packs a lot of useful questions for everyone who is preparing for job interview or just want to brush up knowledge in Java / JEE.

If you already have some knowledge and experience about this technologies, his blog is really a good one. However, if you are new to these topics, you may easily get confused with the terms used.

He also authored two books you can get at


I’ve encounterd this website several times for several years and it has grown from a blog with short how-to’s to more comprehensive resource encompassing from Java development to Android development.

It’s clean and nice layout (unlike some other ad-heavy similar websites) makes it a very good resource for everyone who wants to get how-to’s snippet codes, learn some Java related technologies, or to review for Java technical interviews.

3. Knowledge BlackBelt

It was also called BlackBeltFactory before, and it’s where you can test your Java technologies knowledge with questions that are created by other Java professionals. It also has an incentive, everytime you pass a test you’ll get a points, and after certain points you will get a colored belt like in a martial art school.

Just for self-marketing, this is my public profile in the Knowledge BlackBelt (I’m an Orange belt :D).

4. Everything else
(Google this: “Java Interview Questions”)
link: and

These websites seems to be not maintained anymore, but they still have questions that are useful and answered straight to the point.

If you know, or even better, have, a website with resources and tips for Java developers to prepare for a technical interview, drop a comment below and I will add the link to it. 🙂

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