Nokia 2610 Review

I bought my Nokia 2610 one month ago when my co-worker offered me to buy it from him. He actually offered me two kind of cellphone, Nokia 1600 and Nokia 2610. As always before I bought something, I make a quick check about what people say about these two phones in the internet.

The problem with most of the review websites is they tend to give high scores on most of the products they tested. I know we should look on the positive side of everything. But when it comes to product review, the negative side is the most determining factor here. So every review that I read mentioned that both cellphones are good. Now, I should trust my instinct, and I hope it’s working…

One problem that I have, my co-worker did not allow me to open the phone package box to see which one looks better. “Ah… allright! I take the Nokia 2610!” I told him.

I chose the Nokia 2601 for two main reasons. First, it has larger screen size and resolution than the Nokia 1600, and everybody love a bigger screen. Second, it is the higher series, it must be better than Nokia 1600 somewhere else beside its screen. And at only around $10 more expensive, the price is still good.

After one month of use, here is my review about the phone: Continue reading “Nokia 2610 Review”