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Nokia 2610 Review

I bought my Nokia 2610 one month ago when my co-worker offered me to buy it from him. He actually offered me two kind of cellphone, Nokia 1600 and Nokia 2610. As always before I bought something, I make a quick check about what people say about these two phones in the internet.

The problem with most of the review websites is they tend to give high scores on most of the products they tested. I know we should look on the positive side of everything. But when it comes to product review, the negative side is the most determining factor here. So every review that I read mentioned that both cellphones are good. Now, I should trust my instinct, and I hope it’s working…

One problem that I have, my co-worker did not allow me to open the phone package box to see which one looks better. “Ah… allright! I take the Nokia 2610!” I told him.

I chose the Nokia 2601 for two main reasons. First, it has larger screen size and resolution than the Nokia 1600, and everybody love a bigger screen. Second, it is the higher series, it must be better than Nokia 1600 somewhere else beside its screen. And at only around $10 more expensive, the price is still good.

After one month of use, here is my review about the phone:

Features: 6
Price: 8
Design: 8
Ease of use: 8


With this phone, basically you get what you paid for. No more, no less. It’s one of the cheapest Nokia you can get in the market and it performs its job very well as phone that you can use to make or receive call as well sending or receiving messages (SMS, MMS, and Email through GPRS). Although sometimes I wish it has a camera as well… ;p

It has 3 MB internal memory and no expansion memory slot, so don’t expect it to play your MP3 collections though it could play MP3 files.


The market price is around $70-$85 in Indonesia and it’s one of the cheapest Nokia you can find today. I can say that it is a good price. If Nokia lower the price, they might lower the phone quality and features as well, and nobody wanna have a low quality cellphone.


What I truly love from the phone is its cover design. The one I bought is the black version and it simply look elegant and expensive than its actual price. It doesn’t look like a cheap low-end cellphone at all.

Unfortunately, the screen cover has a very reflective surface that makes the screen very hard to read outdoor under the bright sun light. Setting the display contrast lower could help but it is still totally unreadable when the screen light is off during standby mode. It has no problem at all if you use it mostly indoor.

Ease of use

Compared to other phone maker I’ve tried so far, Nokia still top all of them until now and you can expect the same thing with this Nokia 2610. Everything is simple and it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for me to figure how to do basic operation of the phone. The “Write Messages” layout is quite different from most of the Nokia phone I have seen but it still maintain the simplicity for a quick text messaging use.


It’s been a month since I bought this cellphone and I have no complain about the phone. It is not the kind of entertainment phone that is very common these days where you can take pictures or listen to music and watch videos with your phone. Nokia 2610 is a phone for you who need phone as phone only, make and receive call and messages (SMS, MMS, and Email). I call it a minimalist cellphone.
It might not suitable for you if you spend most of your time outdoor cause its reflective screen cover makes it a poor phone under bright sunlight.

But overall, it is still a good phone and I did not regret that I bought it.

2 thoughts on “Nokia 2610 Review”

  1. Citra says:

    hi, i don’t know that you’ve got a new mobile phone.. finally can get rid the old one =)

    about your blog, it always makes me smile.. so it has met its purpose, eventhough i prefer the design of your old blog.

    niwei, come home soon!! gotta so many things to do in church!

  2. Ikebana says:

    its an awesome phone i must say….i found very simple and easy to use…the most important thing is that this phone has got all basic features and it is cheap.

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