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How SQL Index Affects Query Speed Performance

Ok, so maybe I’m done with the Database Management course, but that doesn’t mean that I’m done playing around with the database. This is just some easy to follow guide how to see the difference that an index made in a real database system using

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How to Find Candidate Key(s)

As my final exam on Database Management Course closely approaching, I think I’m a bit forced (in a good way) to write some notes on the topics I’ve learned so far. This time it’s the notes on how to find candidate key of a given

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Getting Started using Apache OpenJPA

Few weeks ago we were required to learn an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) concept in our Introduction to Database Management System course. The ORM our professor wanted us to use is Apache OpenJPA. Not really sure what was the reason he chose Apache OpenJPA over

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How To Check if a Relation is in BCNF, 3NF, or Both

Another note of my database lecture class regarding Normalization and checking whether a relation is in BCNF, 3NF, or both. The textbook that I use is “Database Management System” by Ramakrishnan and Gehrke and though it is a very comprehensive textbook, it is not that

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Belajar Programming Sendiri Dalam Sepuluh Tahun

oleh: Peter Norvig (disadur dari Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years) Mengapa semua orang terburu-buru? Masuklah ke sebuah toko buku dan anda akan melihat buku mengenai bagaimana “Belajar Java dalam 7 Hari” dan banyak variasi lainnya yang menawarkan untuk mengajarkan Visual Basic, Windows, Internet, dan