Lightest Free Antivirus 2009 Review

 Lightest Free Antivirus 2009 Review

It was two years after my first article about the lightest antivirus and there are hundreds of hits to it. I believe it means that there are so many people who are quite pissed with their antivirus who are consuming their RAMs mercilessly (allright, I know I exaggerate it..). But eventhough the RAM price is amazingly cheap right now, we still never be satisfied with antivirus who take too much free memory.

Besides, for those of you who already use Windows Vista, you know how hungry this little baby from Microsoft is right? So you don’t want any more hungry application such as the anti virus to consume your free RAMs further. Continue reading “Lightest Free Antivirus 2009 Review”

Career as Administrator vs Programmer

O’Reilly Books by mightyohm

I remember almost a year ago I googled for article about this. I’ve been a system and network administrator for more than two years in medium sized company, dealing with Windows Servers, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Firewall, and VMWares.

Then, for an unknown crazy reason I applied for a programmer position in one of the biggest software house in Indonesia. I was accepted and suddenly had a dillemma of choosing to stay as an administrator or to shift career as programmer.

Being a good information age generation, I looked for what other people’s opinion in online forums. Some are pros for career in sys and network administration, and some others are pros for career in software development.

To be honest, they made me even more confused. But I finally made my choice.

Now after 8 months of work as Java EE programmer, I want to share about what I know about these two IT careers. Please note that I don’t think one is superior than another although during this article I may be a bit inclined to software development career. Continue reading “Career as Administrator vs Programmer”

Tampering Oracle JDeveloper 10 Splash Screen

Well, we all know that most programs display a splash screen showing the program logo and one liner. JDeveloper 10 is no exception and the software one liner goes saying “Productivity with choice”.
I have no problem with its one liner, however I believe one of the followings is more accurate.

JDev 10 Tampered Splash Screen

cause you got no choice.. Continue reading “Tampering Oracle JDeveloper 10 Splash Screen”

Playing Around With Comic Life


Just tried playing with the software Comic Life by plasq. It’s a really cool software to create comic effects of your pictures collection in just a few minutes. Really cool software, it’s a must for you who get bored with ordinary photos on your blog or social network websites.

Here I upload my first comic life result. It’s composed of three pictures when me and my work colleagues in Bali Camp went to Kuta last month.

How To Change SMTP Routes On Popular Mail Transport Agents (MTA)

Once in a while you may need to change the SMTP IP destination of your mail relayer server. Last month our company installed a new anti-Spam software using Symantec Mail Security to reduce the significant number of incoming spam email. During this project test and deployment period I need to change the email smtp routes several times. Here I created the documented steps that I did during the process.

Just one comment about the Symantec Mail Security Anti-Spam feature. It is very good software that can help you reduce 99.9% of spam emails. It is 99% accurate in keeping the spam email from going to your inbox. Until now I only receive 1 spam email for the whole two weeks. However it needs to update its database every 20 minutes or less. And this update can take up to 4 GB of internet bandwidth every week. Well, that’s quite a price for keeping spam email out of your email huh!

Allright, back to how to change the SMTP routes of three most popular MTA (sorry, I don’t include Exim cause I didn’t able to tried it..) Continue reading “How To Change SMTP Routes On Popular Mail Transport Agents (MTA)”

How To Print or Publish a Book With Your Printer

To those of you who love to collect ebooks, most probably you have have the thought of how to print it with your own deskjet or laserjet printer. It would be really good to be able to read the ebook just like ordinary book. Because one of the great disadvantage of ebook is you need a computer monitor screen to display the book. While staring too long at your monitor screen can lead to eye fatigue or light dizziness.

Some of the printer driver have the capability to print your ebook into a book format. One of them is the HP Laserjet 4200 in my office. There is a print properties that I can choose so the printer will print the output in a half page format and after the print job is done, I can fold the papers in the middle and voila, a home-made (or office-made to be exact.. ;D) published book.

And then I thought of what if I can make it even smaller. Is there an option to print the book in 1/4 page size so I can make a pocket book? Well, unfortunately there isn’t any… So I tried to Google and try to find some kind of software that can do that. Continue reading “How To Print or Publish a Book With Your Printer”

Replacing Windows 2000 Printer Server to Windows 2003 Server

The Story:

Last week our Windows 2000 printer server had repeated problems in a single day. As the rule of thumb of Windows 2000 printer server troubleshooting says, I stopped the printer spooler service, waited a few seconds, and then started the service. Based on my experience, most of Windows service will show an fail message when I clicked on the restart service button. That’s why I prefer to click on the stop button and the start button after several seconds.

Anyway, it did solve the problem for about half an hour until the next user complained that she cannot print also. Then I restarted the Windows to make sure all the troubles caused by any lack of available memory resources will be solved. It came up and it solved the print problem.

But a few hours afterward the problem re-occured and so I did the restart ritual of both service and Windows all over again. I thought that was all for that day, but on the following day I discovered that my work colleague restarted the Windows once more after I left the office because of the same problem.

The problem no longer occur until today, but me and my work colleague has worked on plan to replace the printer server to new hardware and upgrade it to Windows 2003.

As always, we tried it in a testing environment with very similar condition. Here are the steps to upgrade Windows 2000 printer server to Windows 2003. Continue reading “Replacing Windows 2000 Printer Server to Windows 2003 Server”

Copy Files and Folder Across Partitions and Maintain the Folder Permission and Access Control List (ACL)


Last weekend we added a new storage for company File Server. We need to move all the Departments’ folders to the new storage while maintaining the folder security permission. There are thousands of folders inside around 50 different main folders. We certainly cannot afford the chance of losing the folder permission security properties that already created for several years.

What I know is Windows Server 2003 can only retain these security properties if the folder is copied in the same partition. While if you copy the folder across different partition, it will remove all of the security properties. Sounds like disaster to me…

My work partner then told me about the xcopy command that can be use to solve the issue. Continue reading “Copy Files and Folder Across Partitions and Maintain the Folder Permission and Access Control List (ACL)”

Setup Reverse Proxy with Apache for Lotus Notes Webmail

OS: Linux Fedora Core 5 with Apache Installed
Lotus Notes 7

The Story:

Wow! It was a great experience for me when I researched around for articles on how to create a reverse proxy server with Apache and use it to secure Lotus Notes Webmail. Before deciding to use Apache I tried to use Microsoft ISA Server 2004 and its publish server rule, but I get pretty confused in the middle cause it’s not so customizable. I guess Microsoft created the publish server rule only for Microsoft Exchange Server OWA (Outlook Web Access).

Anyway, with Linux Fedora Core 5 and Apache you can do reverse proxying with a lot more options. So here is the documented steps on how I did it. Keep in mind that there could be some difference in your situation, but I hope I could help you with this post. So let’s start fellas… Continue reading “Setup Reverse Proxy with Apache for Lotus Notes Webmail”

The Search for Lightest Antivirus

You know what, recently I notice that one cause of a slow PC performance is none other than the antivirus program itself. The problem is we also cannot live without one now (allright, maybe I’m too exaggerating here..) in this internet world, where we are constantly connected to possible threats.

I guess this is one of the reason why Unix machines are more stable and fast. They don’t need antivirus that consume much of the PC memory like the one we have in Windows.

I thought that I might migrate to Linux for this reason, but I can’t do that since I still need 90% of the Windows applications that I use now. So I can’t leave Windows just yet, but how can I remove the antivirus without making me in great danger?

So, that’s where the idea comes to find the lightest antivirus, or to be more accurate, what antivirus that consume less PC resources (CPU and Memory)?

I tried googling for that keyword “lightest antivirus” and found several forum discussions that have people’s opinions about their thought about it.

Most of the people said that the lightest antivirus around is Nod32. But I still look around and tested other antivirus as well.

– Nod32 —
– Kaspersky 6 —
– AVG Free Edition —
– Avast! —
– Antivir PersonalEdition Classic —

Continue reading “The Search for Lightest Antivirus”