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LabGence Project Documents and UML Diagrams

This semester I’m taking the “Managing Software Development” course in which we are required to create project documents and UML diagrams for a software project. And as I prepare for the midterm, I think it’s a good idea to practice some more and create the

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LabGence – Intelligent Clinical Laboratory Application

It’s been several years since I have the eagerness to develop a clinical laboratory application. The reason is primarily because although I’m a professional software programmer/developer now, my bachelor degree was in Medical Technology. Initially I was thinking of a LIS type of application, where

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djitz Java Developer Resume

Hi all, for the whole fall semester I attended a Cooperative Education Seminars classes in my university and I’ve received a lot of useful lessons about writing a good resume. The Professor always says that your resume is the your first representation so you want

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Tumoutou Kids ♥ Jesus

This is the banner design for Tumoutou Bekasi children Sabbath School. (Click image to see the full size image) Design story One time there was an idea to create a banner for the children Sabbath School, something that they can bring and show whenever they