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It’s been several years since I have the eagerness to develop a clinical laboratory application. The reason is primarily because although I’m a professional software programmer/developer now, my bachelor degree was in Medical Technology.

Initially I was thinking of a LIS type of application, where the medtech can store the patients and test information in the database. But then I had the idea of taking it steps further, “Why not make it a smart application? Where it will be able to assist medtech by taking the patient’s profile and results history into account?”

Thus, the LabGence name is derived from “Laboratory Intelligence”, and it’s goal is to be the smart application that medtechs can rely on.

For Software Developers / Programmers

During the course of the project I will post my notes on both software development practices and programming techniques. I don’t claim that I’m a know-it-all in this field, I’m just a student of the disciplines with a strong passion to learn and implement the best practices.

If you’re interested in software development best practices and agile methods, you may want to follow this project through my twitter @djitz.

The project is open-source, and at this point in time is not under any license, so you can use any part of the project other than the “LabGence” name and logo.

The project source codes is available at GitHub: LabGence project on GitHub.

For Medical Technologist / Clinical Laboratory Scientist

While the project is in development stage, there may not be a be a user-friendly version of the application.

All posts related to the project can be accessed at this URL:

Author: Trijito Santoso

I’m Trijito Santoso, a Seventh-Day Adventist, a medical technology and computer science graduate, and a software developer. The reason why I shifted from medical technology to computer science is because I love to create things (design, software, articles, anything), and being a software developer allows me to create things everyday. I graduated from Northeastern University, Boston, with a degree Master of Science in Computer Science. My resume is available on my LinkedIn.

2 thoughts on “LabGence – Intelligent Clinical Laboratory Application”

  1. very interesting, djitz!!

    because, once i also had a dream (when i was in college) to make such medical web application to help user find out about their illness. user input the keywords which describe their disease and the application can show the disease name. it was just a small dream when i was young 😀

    1. @ocha, thanks ig! 🙂
      oh really? never give up on your dreams..

      “If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

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