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5th Tips to Survive in AUP Medtech CD

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UPDATE (3/12/2012): You can find other articles related to medtech here.

Hi all! Meet you again in this fifth tips to survive in the AUP Medical Technology Clinical Division life.
Thank you for your interest to read what I want to share with you in this article. To all who are currently in the CD, I hope my first four tips have made you survive the CD so far. Anyway, I realized that I have not share one of the most important tip based on my personal experience in CD.

In this fifth tip to survive the CD, I will talk about the mental qualification that you definitely need to have to pass the CD without getting insane, if you aren’t yet…. Hahaha! Just kidding!

First I want to ask a question. Have you ever wonder why you had so much hard times trying to survive in the CD? Stupid questions huh! Unless you are the direct descendant of Albert Einstein or Thomas Alfa Edison, you most probably have. And if I can give you the answer, it is this: You don’t realize or understand yet what it takes to be a Medtech CD students.

The Medtech CD Qualifications That They Never Told You

Alright, have you ever read the job offer above before? I’m sure you have not. But does it sound familiar? Well, offcourse it does! Because when you were applying for CD, you were actually applying for the job offer above my friend. Okay, I may exaggerated the qualifications a little bit, but you know they are not very far from it anyway.

Remember the time when you were applying for CD?
If the practice hasn’t changed yet, the Medtech Department Head or any CI available will check for the credits that you have completed, your average GPA, your Major subjects grade, and all other academic requirements that you need to pass to be qualified to enter the CD.

Now, you are in CD already and you wonder why you, who had wonderful grades before this crazy CD life, are barely surviving in the CD classes?

Well, academically, yes, you are qualified for the Medtech CD. But when it comes to CD, what you needed most is actually the mental qualification. It is a lot more important than your academic qualification. Why? Because your life will be totally challenged in the CD and it’s a whole different world compared to the pre-Clinical classes times.

AUP Medtech CD Is Not The Same As Pre-Clinicals

One interesting fact about AUP Medtech CD is this, you can notice that those students who are academically excellent during pre-Clinical classes may not always doing good in the CD classes. And the other way around is also true. Those who are unnoticed during pre-Clinicals could have their name at the top in the exam scores written on the white board.

Is there something wrong here? Not really…

As I have told you, the life in CD is totally different compared to life in pre-Clinical. If you think you could use your study methods in the pre-Clinicals in the CD (if you ever actually study during pre-Clinicals..), well, I’m very sorry to dissapoint you by saying that it just won’t work anymore. You should change your mentality to the CD mentality.

So what can you do to have the mental qualification needed in the CD life?

Well, here was a simple exercise that I did…

In the first article, my experience in CD was not that honey and milk, especially during the first few months. One time, a thought came into me, “Probably there is something wrong with what I’m doing now.” So, I tried to write down what an ideal Medtech CD student should do on one column, and what I’m actually was doing on the next column.

Here is the result of what was written back then (I still keep this list until now ;D):

Medtech Way of Life My life currently
– Study though no quiz or exam on the next – Study only when tomorrow will be a quiz or exam
– Prepared for quiz every meeting – Hurry to review for quiz on the classroom
– Strict, Rigid, Scheduled – Abstract, Elastic, Unscheduled
– Passing score is the lowest possible score – Score Ninety percent or above is next to impossible
– Read extra miles during free time – Read the necessary during free time if possible
– Your Medtech life has next priority to God – Medtech life is next to the last priority after everything else
– You’ll be a Medtech – I will be an Artist

After I wrote the comparison, I was laughing. Because it really showed me that basically, I was not mentally qualified to be in CD. Even worse, I don’t even have a thought that I will be a Medtech! That’s why I had hard times trying to survive there. It’s clear to me that I should change my actions and believe, especially the last item, to be as close as possible to the Medtech way of life if I want to pass this cruel CD life.

It was not easy though, and I was not able to change them instantly. But at least now I know what are the things that I should try to change to perform better in CD classes.

So What Should I Do?

Now, I advise you to take pen and write in your notebook the comparison table similar with what I had. Complete the right column with your own answer because yours may not as pathetic as what I had. Try also to add some other more ideal student Medtech CD way of life that you could thought of.

Try to make fun of it, yet keep the right column honest so you will get the clear difference of the two columns.

This method has worked effectively for me and I know it would work as effectively for you. After knowing the necessary actions that you should take, surely your performance will start to get better and better. It probably doesn’t mean that everything will become easy, but you will know how you should change your study habit and personal believe to get better scores. You will find that surviving in the CD is not that impossible after all…

Closing Words

Allright, that’s it for the fifth tip to survive in the Medtech CD life. I hope it could help you to pass the seemingly impossible Clinical Division with higher and higher scores each day. I know this tip is not perfect, so if you have any comments or want to share something about this article, please put your comment in the comment form below and submit it.

Also if you find my articles are useful, please show your thanks by putting your comments here or write an email to me (tridjito(/at)yahoo(/dot)com) if you don’t like others to read your comments. Nothing encourage me more than knowing that I can be a help for you.

13 thoughts on “5th Tips to Survive in AUP Medtech CD”

  1. Ivan says:

    I would like to say that AUP medtechs who deviated from the practice had the best opportunities abroad. I was one of the AUP medtechs who deviated to cardiovascular techologist, echocardiographer, perfusionist and electrophysiologist. But i am proud to be an AUP medtech our training is the best compared with other medtech school.

  2. Ivan says:

    PAMET recognized that some Registered Medical Technologist was deviating from the practice.When i was applying for the job and accepted i was thinking of my future what will happen to my medtech degree and experience but i continued my training it was back to zero it was a new field some medtech tried but did’nt like it i could’nt blame them that was my feeling when i was starting in love of laboratory work.My advise to AUP medtech take the new trend shifts to Cardiovascular Technologist this is the most in demand allied profession today lots of opportunities is opening in this field.

  3. Ivan says:

    But before you can be a cardiovascular technologist you should be a Registered Medical Technologist first because it is the only profession allowed and recognized by department of health to perform this job.Apply to Philippine Heart Center this the only hospital and institution that trains for this job.We AUP medtech who left legacy on this hospital built a banner fo AUP medtech follow us be one of us Cardiac Physiologist/Cardiovascular Technologist/ it is a highly specialized field.

  4. djitz says:

    Ivan, thank you so much for your insights about other career options for medtech graduates.

    Never came to my mind about the things you wrote here.

    Really appreciate your comments. 😀

  5. Ivan says:

    CD life you just need to have a good time management and read in advance.Analyze and understand what you read concentrate on tables go to JADE bookstore at U.N. avenue and Miranda bookstore at Morayta or C.E. bookstore.CD life is fun if you make studying a fun habit develop mnemonics technicque when memorizing some values and subjects by relating it to song or things that you can easily remembered.Make a group studies ask some questions with your classmate and make your own notes of the subject and topic you are reading it will save you time.And lastly quote and believe on this promise” For the Lord giveth wisdom out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding” (Proverbs 2:6).

  6. Ivan says:

    C.I’s have books for the exam which students usually dont have you can find some of them at these bookstores that i said ??? When i was still in CD i was wondering why some of the questions on the exam was quite different from what we read and I found out that they used different books just observe all these books will come out during the PAMET quiz preparation they usually give it to the students representative for the quiz.

  7. Ivan says:

    I highly recommend that if you have motivation to shift to this career ( Cardiovascular Technologist)you wont regret the salary is excellent.If you want to work in U.S. take the licensure exam for this job which is given by the Cardiovascular Credentialling International ( or take a registration for RCCP (Registration Council for Cardiac Physiologist ) if you want to work to U.K.On this field you have several options to specialize you can be a cardiac catherization tech, you can be a Cardiac Pacing Tech,you can be a echocardiograpy tech or electrophysiologist.

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  10. Errol says:

    that was a very inspiring tip even me who’s not a medical technology graduate, im really inspired naks

  11. Rothwel (AUP CD MedTech Stud) says:

    Good! Thank You! I am currently in CD. I can share this article in one of our class sessions.

    1. djitz says:

      I’m glad you like the post. God bless for your CD life! 😀

  12. SkUlm8 says:

    I used to have my academic scholarship prior to CD but eventually lost it..Funny but I just can’t believe it. Hahaha..CD life is indeed toxic and highly “immunogenic”..but I’m glad I developed a specific antibody against the toxins brought about by CD..haha. I just currently passed the licensure exam. THanks A lot AUP for giving us the best training!!

    1. djitz says:

      Hi there, congratulation for not only survived the CD, but also passed the board exam! 😀

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