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Bro Ivan Insights for Medtech Graduates and CDs

UPDATE (3/12/2012): You can find other articles related to medtech here.

A week ago brother Ivan wrote comments in the “5th Tips for Medtech Intern” post in this blog. He is an AUP medical technology graduate, a senior of mine, and has a lot of important tips for all medtech graduates, and medtech cd as well. He wrote about the career alternative that medtech graduate possibly have in hospital beside in the hospital laboratory as we know it.

Brother Ivan wrote six parts comments in the post and I believe it is too valuable to be comments only, so here I create a dedicated post for his comments. I hope it can bring new insights for all of us.

On medtech alternatives career:

I would like to say that AUP medtechs who deviated from the practice had the best opportunities abroad. I was one of the AUP medtechs who deviated to cardiovascular techologist, echocardiographer, perfusionist and electrophysiologist. But I’m proud to be an AUP medtech, our training is the best compared with other medtech school.

PAMET recognized that some Registered Medical Technologist was deviating from the practice. When I applied for the job and got accepted, I was thinking of what will happen to my medtech degree and experience in the future, but i continued my training. It was back to zero and it was a new field that some medtechs tried but didn’t like it. I couldn’t blame them as that was my feeling when i was starting in love of laboratory work. My advise to AUP medtech is, take the new trend shifts to Cardiovascular Technologist as this is the most in demand allied profession today and lots of opportunities is available in this field.

But before you can be a cardiovascular technologist, you should be a Registered Medical Technologist first, because it is the only profession allowed, and recognized by Department of Health to perform this job. Try to apply to Philippine Heart Center as this is the only hospital and institution that trains people for this job. We, AUP medtech, who left legacy on this hospital built a banner for AUP medtech to follow us and be one of us as Cardiac Physiologist/Cardiovascular Technologist, which is a highly specialized field.

I highly recommend that if you have motivation to shift to this career ( Cardiovascular Technologist), you won’t have any regret as the salary is excellent. If you want to work in U.S., take the licensure exam for this job that is given by the Cardiovascular Credentialling International (, or take a registration for RCCP (Registration Council for Cardiac Physiologist ) if you want to work to U.K.

On this field you have several options to specialize as you can be a Cardiac Catherization techician, Cardiac Pacing Tech,  and echocardiograpy tech or electrophysiologist.

On CD life:

In CD life you just need to have a good time management, and to read in advance. Analyze and understand what you read, concentrate on tables, go to JADE bookstore at U.N. avenue and Miranda bookstore at Morayta, or C.E. bookstore. CD life is fun if you make studying a fun habit, develop mnemonics technicque when memorizing some values and subjects by relating it to song or things that you can easily remember. Make a group studies, discuss some questions with your classmates, and make your own notes of the subject and topic you are reading will save you time.

And lastly quote and believe on this promise ”For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding” (Proverbs 2:6, KJV).

Clinical Instructors (CIs) have books for the exam which students usually don’t have. You can find some of them at these bookstores that I mentioned above. When I was still in CD I wondered why some of the questions on the exam were quite different from what we read and I found out that CIs used different books. Just observe that questions from these books will come out during the PAMET quiz preparation, thus CIs usually give these books to the students representative for the quizbee.

2 thoughts on “Bro Ivan Insights for Medtech Graduates and CDs”

  1. Rothwel (AUP CD MedTech Stud) says:

    Thank you for sharing useful tips! Godbless!

  2. Jessica says:

    This is a very useful tips….Thank u so much…

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