IS4500 – Software Quality Assurance Course – Blog Posts

Northeastern Krentzman Quadrangle – Boston

For the last course in my Master of Computer Science program, I’m taking the Software Quality Assurance course taught by Prof. Martin Schedlbauer.

These are the blog posts that I write as part of the course requirements:

  1. How can we define “quality”?
  2. What do we mean by “Software Quality”?
  3. Software Testing: Standards, Certifications, and Resources
  4. Performance Testing: Definitions, Tools, and Challenges
  5. Recovery Testing: The Neglected Child of QA!
  6. Can We Write Good Quality Software Faster?
  7. Meet Our Two New Friends, IEEE 730-2002 and IEEE 829-2008 Standards
  8. Validation in Pharma Industry
  9. Outsourcing Testing and QA: Is it Feasible, Advisable, Risky?
  10. Agile Testing
  11. trac Bug Tracking Software Review
  12. Testing Automation Process and Tools
  13. On Software Testing and Quality Assurance : Letter to Self

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