Managing Software Development Course Notes and Outline

Course term: Spring 2012
Website: Official course website.
Course Professor: Prof. Ken Backlawski
Textbook: Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML, Patterns, and Java (3rd Edition)

Class outline:

Introduction to Software Engineering and UML

  • Use case diagram
  • Class diagram

Project Organization and Communication


  • Use case description
  • Functional requirements
  • Nonfunctional requirements
  • Glossary


  • Sequence diagram
  • State diagram

System Design

  • Component diagram
  • Deployment diagram

Design Patterns


Author: Trijito Santoso

I’m Trijito Santoso, a Seventh-Day Adventist, a medical technology and computer science graduate, and a software developer. The reason why I shifted from medical technology to computer science is because I love to create things (design, software, articles, anything), and being a software developer allows me to create things everyday. I graduated from Northeastern University, Boston, with a degree Master of Science in Computer Science. My resume is available on my LinkedIn.

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