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What I Learn in Master of Computer Science (MSCS) Program at Northeastern University

Some of my friends are curious about what actually I learn on the Master of Computer Science program I’m taking now.

And although sometimes I post about some of the course lessons and notes on my blog, I think it’s a good idea if I write a central page that organized these posts and categorized them to the courses I took. These will also serve as notes both while I’m in the program, and someday when I completed the program.

The following are courses that I took, and I’m specializing in Database management, for a complete list of courses that the program offers, check the Northeastern MSCS program website.

Courses List

Fall 2010

CS 5010 – Program Design Paradigm [PDP] – core course
CS 5011 – PDP recitation
CS 5200 – Introduction to Database Systems
CS 6949 – Co-op Seminar

Spring 2011

CS 5800 – Algorithms — core course
CS 6520 – Methods of Software Development

Summer 2011 to Fall 2011

Co-op at American Airlines

Spring 2012

CS 5500 – Managing Software Development — core course
CS 6200 – Information Retrieval
CS 6220 – Data Mining Techniques

Summer 1 2012

IS4500 – Software Quality Assurance – Directed Study

I hope this can help any of you who are considering taking masters degree in computer science. So far, I can say it has been a wonderful experience, a lot of sleepless nights, snowstorms (talk about Boston winter), great friends along the journey, and satisfying feelings getting the grade after all of those hardships. 🙂

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