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Different Types of Church

Veneta SDA Church from Flickr by YoungWarrior

Veneta SDA Church from Flickr by YoungWarrior

Quite a catchy title huh? 😀 Well, I just wanna talk about my theories of different church types. I’m not gonna talk about different church denominations here, but rather the different church of SDAs.

From my experiences going around the churches in Philippines, Singapore, Surabaya, Bali, and Jakarta, I see that basically SDA churches can be categorized into at least four types, they are:

1. Family churches

Family churches are churches that, well, consist of families. I know you gonna scream, “But aren’t all churches consist of families???”

Yes, but these churches are really full of different families that have known each other for several years and attend the church together.

This kind of church maybe small, or big, it doesn’t matter. But it is characterized by the strong bond of families inside, usually the grandfather, father, children, and great grandchildren are in the same church.

2. Tourist churches

Tourist churches are churches that looks full because 50% of the attendees are ‘tourists’ most of the time.

The word tourists here can mean literal tourist for the churches that is located in tourist cities, but it also can mean the SDA ‘tourists’ who have no permanent churches.

It’s quite easy to notice this kind of church, just ask several people beside you if they know who is the name of the church pastor. If the church is consists of tourists, at least half of the people will politely told you that they don’t really know it.

Other characteristic of tourist churches, if more than 50% of the people you see in the sermon was gone after the potluck, then it is indeed a tourist church.

3. School churches

School churches are churches that is located inside or near an Adventist school compound.

You can notice that more than fifty percent of the attendees are beautiful and handsome young people, high school or college age, usually they are in couples holding hands.

It is characterized by the higher number of young people classes during Sabbath School discussion time. However, though it is full in the Sabbath morning, 80% of them will be gone and no longer can be seen when AY program starts.

4. Social churches

Social churches is like a meeting point. It is a church with convenient environment and facilities located in a strategic location, making it the best place to meet old friends. Usually it is full after the Sabbath School time because people will need to prepare and show their best before meeting their old friends.

It is usually characterized by fashionistas where the church attendees have the latest fashion trend and gadgets.

One more thing, potluck is the most favorite part of this type of church, as the attendees make discussions that far interesting surpass the Sabbath School discussions.

Closing Words

I believe you notice some of the churches that fall to four categories I mentioned above.

To be honest I’m not trying to attack nor disregard churches with this post, please consider this post as a ‘reality’ joke that actually happening around us. If you look closely, the churches are actually reflections of the church members and attendees.

Guests, newly baptized, and all other who want to know more about Jesus is actually judging Christianity through our behaviors and worship habits. It is a pity to show negative images to people who seek the wonderful Savior and His humble followers.

If you have comments or critics please let me know. 😀

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  1. lowe mejorada says:

    Social churces not correct spelling please make it correctly 😀 ty

    1. djitz says:

      @lowe, thanks for the correction. 😀

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