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10 Day Prayer and Fasting at Irving SDA Church

For those who have experienced the power of prayer, I believe you understand that there is no question that prayer makes us calm, connects us to our loving God, and makes things happen.

Fasting is usually accompanied our prayer when we are really determined and surrendered everything to His hand.

Starting last August 21, 2011, the Irving SDA church, the church that I attend every Sabbath here in Dallas, are having the 10 day prayer and fasting program.

How is it done?

Two Sabbaths ago, the program coordinator lady passed two sheets of paper that have the 15-minutes time blocks of in a day in which the church member can volunteer to pray every day for 10 days by writing their name in certain time blocks they choose.

There are 96 time blocks (24 x 4) and since the number of church members is less that, then she encouraged people to volunteer for 2 time blocks each, though not necessarily subsequent time blocks.

For 10 days, the primary goal is to pray for the Irving SDA church mission, but there are also different topics that the church members are asked to pray for.

The fasting part is a modified fasting, different from any kind of fasting that I’ve heard before. It doesn’t require the church members to fast for 10 days without food nor water, rather it asked them to reduce the number of meal they have everyday by one.

So for those who are used to have three meals a day, then they are asked to have two meals a day. For those who have two meals a day, then they are asked to have one meal a day, and so on.

The last interesting part of the program is, the church members are also asked to fast a bad habit they have during the 10 days (and hopefully they will stop completely afterward).

Today is the fifth day into the program, and so far I believe I got closer to God. Thank you Irving SDA church for having this program. I challenge you to do this in your church, and experience for yourself the miracles that will happen when all the church pray together continuously for the church mission. God bless you 😀

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