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Survival’s Guide to AUP Med Tech CD

  UPDATE (3/12/2012): You can find other articles related to medtech here. Hello there! First of all, I wanna congratulate you for reaching the CD (Clinical Division) stage of the Medical Technology of AUP! Honestly, CD is not meant for all people. In fact, not

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The Search for Lightest Antivirus

You know what, recently I notice that one cause of a slow PC performance is none other than the antivirus program itself. The problem is we also cannot live without one now (allright, maybe I’m too exaggerating here..) in this internet world, where we are

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Adventist Church(es) in Surabaya Quick Guide

Hi brothers and sisters! I personally create this guide as a quick guide for SDAs who travel to Surabaya and have no idea about the SDA churches there. This guide does not discuss all the SDA churches in Surabaya, but rather only the churches that