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AVG Anti Virus Free Edition 2011 Review

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What I like from software versions naming is that they are always ahead of time, such as this AVG Anti virus Free Edition 2011. It was released around last August 2010 but I just have the time to review it this end of November.

Ever since the AVG 7, AVG is getting bloated and is no longer ‘light’. I’m not sure what is the core reason, but the bloated UI may be one of them.

An interesting note is that they now give the online installer file (4 MB) from the rather then the complete setup package. This might cause some problem for you who doesn’t have internet connection to the PC you want to install the anti virus. Fortunately, thanks to, you can download the whole package here.

However, it is now equipped with LinkScanner protection. As we all know, the internet has been an everyday part of our life, we often click links faster than we think (at least sometimes I do that). So definitely it is also one of the way that the bad guys try
to enter your PC and steal some of your information (if it’s not happily displayed in your facebook). So I give AVG Anti Virus Free Edition 2011 a plus for that.

This is the memory consumption that I recorded during idle and scan time.

Process name Idle time Scan time
avgchsvx.exe 644 K 4,468 K
avgcsrvx.exe 272 K 272 K
avgemcx.exe 4,528 K 3,960 K
AVGIDSAgent.exe 15,228 K 15,216 K
AVGIDSMonitor.exe 3,020 K 3,036 K
avgnsx.exe 136 K 148 K
avgrsx.exe 596 K 400 K
avgtray.exe 1,564 K 5,376 K
avgwdsvc.exe 17,496 K 17,524 K
avgscanx.exe 8,576 K
avgscanx.exe 8,860 K
avgcsrvx.exe 15,252 K

Total idle time memory consumption : 43,514 K
Total scan time memory consumption : 83,088 K

Whole C Drive HD (3 GB) scan : 05 mins 40s

Light or Not?
Definitely not.

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