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Crossroads MylarOne Bijou 2 Earphone Review


I heard my work colleage told me last night that another work colleague of mine has a new earphone that sounds like a headphone, and it cost around $50. I asked him what is the brand and he said that he never heard of it before.

So I looked for the owner and asked him about it. He also never heard of the brand, but he read some reviews in the internet saying that the sound was great.

Well, it should! Because it cost twice of my dbE Acoustic PR-20. Anyway, I immediately asked him if I could borrow it and review it, and this is what I have to say.

Physical Form

Crossroads MylarOne Bijou 2 is an IEM earphone, so my expectations level goes up. It should not make the IEM families down. The earpiece has dark metallic green color, nice and elegant.


This earphone is immediately put to test with several songs I specially compiled to test earphones.

All low, mid, and high sounds are clean, with not so punchy but great bass.

I listened to Gravedigger (Acoustic version) by Dave Matthews Band and I almost cried (honestly, I almost do). It has a very clear sound stage, and very noticable difference with my dbE Acoustic PR-20 earphone.


In Indonesia the earphone is sold at around $50. Not so cheap for casual listener, but still in entry level compared to other more serious earphones’ price.


I have to admit, I never hear this brand of earphone before till I tried it. Now, I will never forget it. Bijou 2 is definitely one of the great earphones with a great sound stage.

I can’t say that the earphone is a best buy, because, once again, it’s not easy to convince casual listener that this little earphone worth the high price when they can easily find cheaper and better looking earphones anywhere.

For me, if one day I damaged my dbE Acoustic PR20, I will definitely look for this Crossroads MylarOne bijou 2 (unless of course I happened to meet other better IEM).

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