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Sennheiser MX 460 White Earphone Review

 Sennheiser MX 460 White Earphone

A work colleague of mine asked me to bought this earphone for her when I was still in Jakarta two weeks ago. She was thinking of MX 360 before but changed her mind to MX 460 because the MX 460 supposed to deliver better bass.

Frankly, I never been a fan of earphone, so I always chose portable headphone whenever I have the option. Simply because I still believe in driver’s size does matter.

But hey, this beautiful white earphone bear Sennheiser brand in it, so I think the company will not let it to be just like the rest of earphone in the market.

So today I asked my friend to let me test the earphone, and here is what I have to say about it.


Of course I was really interested to test the bass capability of this can, so I immediately tested it using some of the deep bass punch songs.

The result was not bad, it tried to punch my eardrum somehow, but something limited it and thus some breakage sound is inevitable.

Like I have expected, some of the really deep bass sound feeling is not fully producable by this earphone. Yet, some of the bass, middle, and treble are perfect and I think it sounds better than ordinary earphones.

Details is enough although still lacking if compared to my dbE Acoustics PR20 IEM. This is, however, also expected because the earphone lacks of isolation. I’m not saying that this earphone doesn’t provide detail sound, yet some very subtle sounds will not be heard.

Design and Comfortness

The white color is catchy and makes it look good, but I don’t find any special with the design, it still looks very similar to other ordinary earphones.

It is comfortable in the ear, I don’t feel any objectionable feeling wearing it for a long period of time.


In Indonesia the earphone is priced at $18, not so cheap, but not so expensive also like other serious earphones.

Buy It or Not?

If you are a casual listener I think this earphone is a good buy. It gives an enough clear sound for most of the music types and you will love it. It also gives an introduction to better sound quality not given by other ordinary earphones.

Yet, for those who are serious about sound and looking for exceptional sound quality and details, I think this earphone cannot be an option, it just not meant to make such sound.

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