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(Note: This post was written by me two years ago for Youth Insight Resource magazine, but I think it’s still aplicable, *other than the Facebook part* :D)

In this web 2.0 era, collaboration is what makes the web interesting, and I believe the youth ministry can benefited much from it. Sometimes the best information doesn’t come from the article itself, but from the comments written by the article readers.

When it comes to a great youth ministry web resources, I primarily look for two things. First is the fresh activities ideas because this was what I, as a youth leader, was always constantly looking for. Second, is the stories and tips of other youth leader experience with their youth groups.

I scourge the web for different websites that can be useful for youth ministry and found the following websites worth mentioning. (Sorry guys, but Facebook does not belong to the list, at least not yet..).

#1. Insight


Insight is a blog about youth ministry and leadership by Grahame Knox who has  27 years of experience as Christian youth worker and trainer.

What I like most are his two ebooks, the “Creative Bible Study Method for Youth Leaders” and “40 Icebreakers for Small Groups”. These two free books are definitely a good ebook for every youth workers.

The Insight blog contains a lot of free resources and ideas for everyone involved in youth ministry, and they are not only limited to games only. You can also find some discussion starters and Bibly Study methods.

#2. Creative Youth Ideas

2-creative youth ideas

Another blog full of free resources for youth ministry is Creative Youth Ideas created by Ken Sapp. Ken had almost 20 years of experience of youth ministry with teens from around the world.

There are a lots of resources that can help your youth ministry, ranging from devotionals, dramas, and other activities. Most of the post are short and thus quick and easy to read.

#3. EGAD! Ideas


EGAD! Ideas is created by Chris Fane and he claimed his website has the largest collection of free youth group games online. With over than 1,700 free games and resources (and growing), the claim may be close to true.

What I found interesting from this website is the fact that not all 1,700 resources are created by Chris himself. Most of the resources are actually submitted by the site visitors. Now, this is the web 2.0 collaboration I’m talking about.

#4. The Source for Youth Ministry


Now, when it comes to the completeness resource for youth ministry, this website created by Jonathan McKee definitely is on top of the list. Not only it has lots of games, activities and discussion ideas, it also has podcasts, questions and answers section, and Jonathan’s personal blog.

I like the movie and music discussion sections of this website. I believe these two sections can be a very great activity ideas for your youth ministry if you haven’t implemented them.

#5. Tim Schmoyer


This website of Tim Schmoyer is unique in that it’s really full of free resources packaged in web 2.0 style. A section called “free youth ministry resources” in his website has more than what you asked for.

I  enjoy his articles and video tips about youth ministry, check out this website and hope you can also find some ideas that can be useful for you and your youth ministry.

#6. Pastor 2 Youth


The website is created by Ryan Nielsen and loaded with hundreds of games.

To unlock all the resources available in this website, you have to register first (free) and login to the YM Exchange. Without registering, you still can access the games and several papers though.

I recommend you to spend several minutes to register and check the YM Exchange in this website. It contains great discussion starters, illustrations, Powerpoint games and lessons.


Although I listed only six websites, there are so many other sources in the internet that you can find to help you with youth ministry. Some websites that may not contain specifically free youth ministry resources but still can help you includes Youtube, Google Books, Wikipedia, and Facebook (yes, an AY leader friend of mine use Facebook to spread the church AY announcements effectively ).

Have a great time with your youth ministry and God bless you!

2 thoughts on “Youth Ministry Web Resources”

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for those sites. I love EGAD Ideas. Another similar site we found useful recently for Youth Group Games is

    1. djitz says:

      @Dave, thanks also for the link to another good resource! 😀

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