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iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Gen Review

iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Gen Review

Finally, after the last two ipods I reviewed, I can own one myself. Yes friends, I own an iPod Touch now, and I loveeee it so much!!! After I spent almost the whole day yesterday filling up the iPod touch with applications from iTunes store, I decided that I should do something useful, such as writing this review. 😀

So here it is, my review of the iPod Touch 2nd generation:


Now, this may surprise most of you who never heard the sound quality of iPod touch before. But I’ve got to say that iPod Nano (and probably iPod classic too..) has better sound quality compared to iPod touch.

How come??? From a quick google, I read in some forums that iPod Touch has different sound chip, thus different sound quality.

How bad is it? Well, it’s probably just okay, but not special. It’s still clear and loud enough to please most people’s ears. However if you are an audiophile you will notice something missing, such as deep bass and crystal quality sounds.

Its internal speaker is also no different, it even sounds like a can actually, nothing to be proud of.


3.5″ never looked so good. Trust me, when it comes to display quality, it is comparable to other iPods. Though technically the iPod touch has less pixels in an inch compared to iPod nano, thus iPod nano may have a sharper display.
But I don’t have any complain about the iPod touch display, it’s just sweet.


Out of the box, you will be a bit surprised.

“$229 and I only got browsers, calendars, and calculators????”

Well, iPod touch is more like a computer than other digital gadgets in which where everything is already installed. So, just as computers too, you got to install applications to fully use the iPod touch capability. Now this is where the iPod touch and iPhone are literally unbeatable, I repeat, unbeatable.

With more than thousands of applications, and still growing everyday, the apps are what make an iPod touch is a versatile digital gadgets. From the useful business applications, productivity tools, and ebook readers, until some applications that makes you wonder how people can become so creative such as flashlight and, yes, bug repellent.

Buy or not?

If you can’t resist the temptation of this little cool gadget, do what a friend of mine did when I showed her my iPod touch, don’t try it. Cause once you feel the gadget, the bright and shiny display, and unbelievably interesting applications, it’s really hard to not wanting it.

The price is not that high, considering you got a PDA and even more, so I believe it’s a good buy when you have the money.

Although as a music player it’s still fall short compared to the other iPods, the user experience of using iPod touch pays off the price. But once again, if your primary purpose is to find great sound quality, you may want to find other music player.

For me, the actual competitors of iPod touch is not other MP3 players, because simply nothing can beats this cool music player.
The competitor of iPod touch is rather it’s close brother, the iPhone.

With all the iPod touch can do plus telephone capability and 3G support, iPhone is really something delightful in this life.

So, that’s all I can say about iPod touch 2nd generation for this time. I’m going to continue playing around with it.

See you in the next review guys!

7 thoughts on “iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Gen Review”

  1. ocha says:

    well, your ipod touch is so cool. if i have a lot of money, i want to have it too. 🙂
    (karna gue berimajinasi, kalo gue pake itu pas jalan2, semua orang pasti ngeliatin ipod gue. wekekek)

  2. alisanta says:

    you bought the iPod too early, now 3rd gen offers additional camera.

    enywai.. welcome to Apple world.

    1. djitz says:

      hi alis! 😀
      i believe we’re never too early to own an Apple..
      besides, I didn’t buy it, my sister gave it to me. 😀

      I’m not sure the 3rd gen iPod touch has camera already.

  3. Samuel Sihotang says:

    Kak Djitz….website yang menyediakan applications untuk iPod Touch apa yah…???
    NB: Yang Free…

    1. djitz says:

      Kalau officialnya (belum dijailbreak) download aplikasinya dari iTunes semua Sam… Cari aja yg pricenya free. 😀

  4. Vincent - Indonesia says:

    Hi djitz,just wanna ask,which is best in term of sound quality between ipod touch and zune HD??or do you have a better beside this two?? im so confuseeee to decide between this two hehe….

    1. djitz says:

      Hi Vincent!
      I haven’t heard the Zune HD sound quality, but I assume it’s better than the iPod Touch (I also have read it somewhere).
      Because to be honest iPod Touch SQ is kinda okay, not bad, but not special. It’s power is in the apps, not sound nor video quality. :p

      If you are thinking to buy an iPod Touch, they are releasing the 4th generation iPod Touch today (Sept 1) so you might want to wait till it’s available in Indonesia.

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